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Is anyone knowledgeable of a massive Nineteenth Century building program the Anglican Communion had planned, maybe for Bristol or Glastonbury, that never came to fruition?

Asked by Yellowdog (10895points) September 8th, 2019

Some years ago, I read that the Anglican Communion slated some really big building program that was supposed to surpass even the Vatican in scale. It was in the late 1800s and maybe planned for Glastonbury or Bristol.

It was planned but never happened, obviously.

Has anyone ever heard of this ambitious project? I’d like to follow up on what I read back in the early 1990s if anyone knows about it.

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I’m something of a student of 19th century England and have never heard of this – which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist of course. There were a number of religious schisms in Victorian Anglicism as well so it seems odd. And I lived for a time in Bristol and never heard of it. But if I come across anything, I’ll let you know.

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“This”:\ may be what you are referring erring to but it was not a massive building project in one location.

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