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When you put clean sheets on your bed, do you take a shower that day too?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (5831points) 1 week ago

As asked.

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Yes, but I shower just about everyday, and if I work out I might shower twice in a day.

I would never get into a fresh bed unless I felt clean.

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I shower at least once a day.
As far as clean sheets are concerned, my hair is quite oily and needs to be washed once a day, especially with clean pillow cases, but that isn’t a prerequisite.

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I usually shower twice a day, except in the coldest part of winter. I shower once a day, minimum.

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Ideally, but not necessarily.

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What better way to babtise new bedding, than with your month-old body sweat.

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Maybe, but not because I changed the sheets.

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Once in a while I might skip a shower after a nighttime exercise class if I didn’t exercise much, but if the sheets are fresh it might inspire me to not skip the shower that night.

I usually shower once a day and it’s after I exercise, but if I exercise at night I often wind up showering twice that day, once in a blue moon the shower is only at night, but obviously I don’t have a regular schedule.

More than anything, I don’t lie with my street clothes on in my bed. Only indoor loungewear or pajamas.

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Yes. I shower daily.

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I have a shower every morning, but if I’d put on fresh sheets I might shower that evening instead of the next morning.

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Yes. In fact, I’ll remove all the sheets and covers in the morning, spray down the mattress with Fabreeze fabric spray, turn on the fan/air conditioner, and/or open the windows and let the room air out most of the day — while I wash and dry all the sheets and covers.

I also shower daily, so no worries there.

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I want cookieman as a house husband!

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Yes. I would shower regardless, but it’s nice to shower and launder your bedding and vacuum your room and just get everything feeling clean and fresh.

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I shower every morning. But if I had just cleaned the sheets, I’d probably shower again before climbing into bed. Just to really relish that clean feeling.

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I live with severe, lifelong clinical depression. When I’m in a major depressive episode, I feel an intense and visceral animal need to surround myself with my smell. For that reason, I rarely change my bedding. I like the goaty, barn smell my blankets develop. It comforts me to wrap myself in them when I’m feeling empty and hurt.

More than one roommate has complained about the stench of my blankets because there is a cultural bias against the smell of human. We’re supposed to smell like lilacs or pine trees or lemons or the anal sac of a deer, but not like an actual human. As a result, I just don’t live with others any more, which means I can keep my crusty blanket and smoke as many pipes as I like.

Fuck all y’all who don’t like it.

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Yes, and I shower every day.

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@SmashTheState Most people in the world have no choice, and therefore your comments are perfectly normal. This question falls in the category of first world question.

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Yes it does, doesn’t it @YARNLADY.

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Yes, though I shower often anyways. I want a clean body on my clean sheets.

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