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How long before we see a pic of John Bolton smiling?

Asked by LadyMarissa (8098points) 1 week ago

John Bolton has been fired from his job as National Security Advisor. He has always looked so miserable that I just wanted to give him a hug & tell him that it was going to get better!!! Now that he’s no longer going to be abused daily, do you think we might see some pics of him smiling???

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It’s John Bolton. He’s never happy unless poor people in countries most Americans can’t locate on a map are getting bombed back to the stone age.

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Hold up.
According to Bolton himself, he resigned.
It is only Drumpf claiming that he fired him. Because everything needs to be about him.

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I’m just amazed because at least once a week we see that another White House or top ranking official has resigned or has been fired. People who love Trump will say this has nothing to do with anything, but they can say what they want about Obama or Clinton, Obama and Clinton have never had this rate of defection or had this amount of people fired.

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Bolton was a scary lunatic BEFORE he was in the White House.

He was somewhat muzzled for the last 17 months.

He’s going to be a scary angry lunatic warmonger now.

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Never he was a warmonger and would never talk to the enemy, North Korea, Taliban, Russia. I think that was the friction between him and the “stable genius”. You know, “we called off SECRET talking with the Taliban” WINK WINK I“M IMPORTANT !

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Just turn his moustache upside down.

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The 3rd national security advisor flushed away by the fool, as Trump with his usual grace trashed the hothead as his boot propelled Bolton through the Pennsylvania ave goalposts.

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I’m not sure I like to see Bolton smiling. It makes me think something bad has happened somewhere in the world.

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Bolton was a crazy loose cannon.
Getting rid of him is a good thing.
As to the OP, all you need to do to make him smile is nuke Iran, or really anybody.

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@filmfann it’s even easier than that.

John Bolton is the kind of guy that – if you built a tower out of building blocks – he would be the one who would swat it and knock it over.

SO buy him some blocks.

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Make a photo of him watching kittens getting mauled.

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A walrus has nowt to smile about.

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@SavoirFaire The pic of him laughing was the pic that caused me to ask this Q. According to the BBC, one of their reporters ask Bolton how he & Trump got along & the laughing pic was the answer to her question.

Do a google image search of John Bolton smiling. It doesn’t happen often.

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@flutherother According to the BBC, he dared to tell his boss that he shouldn’t meet with the Taliban at Camp David & it wasn’t well received.

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@ucme Maybe that walrus would smile if Ringling Bros fired his ass…or accepted his resignation whichever!!!

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@LadyMarissa Trump must have thought it would make a nice photo opportunity but so insensitive so close to 9/11.

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Of course it was going to be a great photo op. Nothing is done that doesn’t glorify the king

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@LadyMarissa “Do a google image search of John Bolton smiling”

I did. Those were all the pictures I could find! Truly a rare sight.

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That’s what makes the laughing pic so freaking special!!!

I also loved the Daddy, I have a twin pic that was in the group you linked. Not Bolton but still made me smile. Thank you!!!

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Bolton was perfect casting for The Wacky trump WH reality TV show. He’s no longer helping with the ratings so he’s out. Yosemite Sam is next.

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Wait for HIS tell all book to come out.
He stated that he “was Offering”? to resign???
And Trump told him to wait…..yeah wait until Trump tells the public that HE fired him.

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No Trump Fan Jellies on here to defend the whole thing?

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What defense is suitable for an individual more cantankerous and obnoxious than our fool himself? No mean feat that!

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@jca2 you’d have to find a jelly both anti-Trump and pro-Bolton. Good luck with that.

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Trump sux and Bolton is a ray of radioactive sunshine, so there! ;-p

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