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In a SHTF scenario do you still need fishing/hunting licences?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15070points) 1 week ago

End of the world or little crisis?

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What does SHTF mean?

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Shit hits the fan.

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All the rules are suspended in those situations.

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Yep, you shoot first and ask questions later.

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No. People will eat anything and everything that is edible.

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I’ve been in a hundred SHTF situations and I still need a fishing license.

But some states don’t charge me or at least discount the fee.

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Depends on how big the crisis is. What is an example of a “little crisis”? For end of the world, there are no rules; each person is out for themselves.

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Why ever would the law still apply in an end of the world scenario?

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