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Will a BA in Economics help me in joining law enforcement?

Asked by edgarhamn89 (10points) September 10th, 2019

I’m nearing the end of completing my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and am deciding on career options. There are a few I wish to attempt after graduation (within the field of Economics), but just in case they don’t turn out or aren’t successful, I am thinking of joining the police force.

Would having a B.A. in Economics help me in law enforcement and moving up in that world or not so much?


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The accomplishment of earning a degree tells an employer you are able to self motivate to do work and complete both short and long term projects. That is true of any degree.

But, as an Econ major myself, I did not really learn anything that would have helped me be a law enforcement officer.

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I have a friend who, after high school graduation, got a degree in forestry.
Using that accomplishment, he applied for and got a job with the CIA.
He retired a few years ago, as the head of anti-terrorism for Asia.
Now what does that have to do with forestry?

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Some employers will only want a degree, Associates, BA or BS, no matter what the subject. The County I work for is like that. So education is never wasted…..

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