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Why can't housing projects have neighborhood kobans? (Police houses)

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1164points) December 23rd, 2009

A koban is a police substation about the size of a house.

And in many housing projects, there is a lot of drugs and crime that go around.

We adopt cars, electronics, and far more from Japan. Why can’t we adopt kobans? This structure would be the way to have a permanent police presence in these problem areas.

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I think it would be considered discrimination. There are a lot of “bad neighborhoods” that kobans could be in as well, but who decides if it’s bad enough? And what about the people who don’t take advantage of housing projects where they live? They need to be policed too? I would consider it discrimination.

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I think it is an excellent idea and the need for them should be based on the statistics, that way no one can complain about discrimination in that they do or do not have one in their own neighborhood.

Here whenever they put a cop shop in a community the crime rate, domestic abuse, etc. almost always declines dramatically.

We are more hampered by the fact that everyone knows if you call a cop, could be hours before anyone arrives.

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Because the conservatives would scream “oh the expense” and the conspiracy theorists would be like “omg police state”. Maybe.

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It would not solve the problem of drugs and crime.

End the prohibition on drugs and change our monetary policy to allow more people to prosper and reduce poverty.

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It’s a matter of attitude toward policing. Many if not most of the residents of the housing projects view police as an “army of occupation” and would not cooperate with them no matter how close the station house was. Wealthier areas view police as what they actually are “protect and serve”.

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We have one on campus.

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They make easy targets.

Can you say “sitting duck”?
I knew you could.

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@SABOTEUR especially in the really bad neighborhoods, shooting up the “koban” would become an initaition ritual for gangs. “stiing ducks” indeed.

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I know of several projects in this area that have police substations.

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exactlly, it would be regared as a occupation. I don’t think the police want to be in a war zone anymore than anyone else.

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@SABOTEUR @stranger_in_a_strange_land Then their construction materials will be made bulletproof.

Also, 24-hour CCTV cameras can record from behind a ballistic glass shield as well. I expect them to be placed high enough so that spraying a graffiti can over the lenses and shields would not be practical.

@pearls Please link me to them. Any pictures would help. I would most appreciate that.

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@EgaoNoGenki: Nice idea, but if they can invest that kind of money in a koban, they can build decent housing and eliminate the need for housing projects. The truth is, they could care less about securing housing projects, unless (like in Baltimore) they obstruct development.

The residents of housing projects here were “relocated” away from the city, and the projects demolished and replaced by real estate that catered to tourists and the wealthy.

I think they call it urban renewal.

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@EgaoNoGenki Are you aware of how much things cost? Your “great ideas” are fiscally impractical, to say the least.

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