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If you could maximize one ability or skill what would you choose?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15071points) 1 week ago

One realistically and one pretend. Humor welcome.
Also what are some honorable mentions for second place.

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Pretend would be super smart, like Mister Fantasic.

Realistically I would like to master domestic skills like food shopping and saving money, and running a household.

Honorable mentions are small talk and driving a car.

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Realistically I wish I had been better with math and investing.

Pretend I wish I could play a musical instrument. Any musical instrument.

@RedDeerGuy1 It’s obvious to me that you try very hard to improve your domestic skills and shopping skills. You ask good questions along those lines so you very open to learning and expanding your skills.

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Walking. I guess that is pretend.
Keeping myself to task. Realistic

Honorable mention -
Olympic curling.
I wonder if champion curlers are also good bowlers. Anybody know?

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Pretend: xray vision, be a crime fighter.

Realistic: Hunting and tracking. I never seem to have time.

Honorable mentions: talking with animals-understanding all languages, better at home remodeling, better mechanic.

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Pretend: flap my arms and fly.

Realistic: Play music professionally again.

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@Tropical What do you play?

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Bass both upright and electric bass, guitar and ukulele.

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@Tropical Wow, impressive!!

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Realistic: Be really good, like expert level, at a sport or a craft.

Pretend: Tie between the ability to fly or the ability to be invisible.

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Realistic: I would like to be a great writer. I do so much writing, both prose and academic, but I know I will never be great. To have writing be a natural gift would be wonderful.

Pretend: I’d like to have savant-like memory. And maybe mind-reading skills, as long as I could turn it off when I wanted to :)

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@Demosthenes I suspect that if I were able to read minds that I would never want to leave my house again.

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REALISTIC: Executive functioning skills.

PRETEND: Teleportation.

HONORABLE MENTION: Fluent in all languages—including math.

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Realistic:The skill of finding out the truth…truth detector.
Pretend: Go back in time when we visited my late Great Grandfather for the first and last time..and ask him” where” did he hide all of the documents, photographs ( several albums full) ?
At that time we discovered that he carved out a cellar ( 8 feet x 8 feet ) under his bedroom of which was destroyed when no one knew and thus a construction crew dug it all up supposedly?
I wonder if he hid it elsewhere when he discovered that I think that it was my late mother who took one album of Dads boxing articles and a couple of pictures in it?

As a family historian it is very hard to locate as NO one in the family lines knew of this hiding place nor the number of photo albums ( our history) ?

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@Demosthenes, you can be a great writer. There are bigly masses of writers, each with their own style.
You can be huuuuuge.
Just look inside yourself and find what style is your voice.
Look at Seuss, a grown man writing beetles battle with battle paddles in a puddle in a bottle on a noodle eating poodle, Mr. Fox, sir.

Maybe he wasn’t a great writer, but certainly known far and near.

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Realistic, continuing with school. Pretend (unrealistic?) my eyesight improving.

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