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OS X: Hide Dock in specific applications?

Asked by makemo (531points) August 28th, 2008

I would like to know if anyone knows of some tool or method, that lets you hide the Dock (per automation) when working in specific applications, such as Adobe apps, and have it show up in others.

(Note: this is not about hiding application icons from the Dock, but rather about automatic hiding of the Dock itself.)

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I should add also, that I’m of course aware of the “Automatically Show/Hide the Dock” from the Dock preferences, but I’m looking for a more automatic way, as I don’t fancy dragging the mouse to screen bottom; waiting for a short delay; then selecting a Dock item kind of method.

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- Found this conversation, about a rudimentary AppleScript way of doing it. Hmm..

- Found the application, PresentYourApps, which seems to do the trick. But I’d rather pass it, as it irreversibly alters applications’ .plist property files.

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You could write an applescript or automator action which is used to open the app & hide the dock at the same time. Not very snazzy, but it would be pretty simple to setup.

edit: wooops – sorry, didn’t read your post properly – seems you’ve already noticed the applescript option. My Bad

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I just keep mine hidden from under the system preferences. The delay us only about half a second and it takes even less time to drag my cursor to the botom of the screen. Good luck.

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You can always hide your dock by pressing alt-command-d.

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Magnus beat me to it. Just use this simple keyboard command every time you want the dock hidden.

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I believe I’ve found a very neato solution to my question…

For those who are interested, I made a visual guide, showing one way of doing this. It’s available here (web) or here (pdf).

In conclusion, it works flawlessly in my testing. My Dock is hiding away instantly, when I use creative apps, iCal, etc. And just as seemlessly showing up again, when using Finder and others. I think it’s stellar!

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