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Does thread necromancy exist on Fluther?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

As I’ve read old, old topics on Fluther, I’ve been hesitant to post in them. Can you quell my fears?!

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If you have something new to add, go for it.

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That’s one of my favorite things: getting new ideas from very old topics. It’s like the UPS man coming and delivering a package of knowledge.

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I try to update mine… especially if I find out answers to something I asked (even if it’s much, much later) since I figure anyone Following might still have an interest.

The whole Activity You’re Following (# New) aspect of Fluther is cool like that.

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Yes, when you answer an old question, the person who asked the question will be alerted (via email or the “activity you’re following” link) to new activity…so will anyone else who has answered it, or who clicked on “follow this question.” so, yes, go ahead and post! it will be especially helpful if the question is still unanswered. I asked a question almost two years ago about curing my own olives and someone answered it a year later with a fabulous answer that was really really helpful.

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When you got something new to add, absolutely feel free to do so! The only thing that annoys me is when my Questions for You is filled up with 1 new response to old questions with answers that say absoutely nothing (if they do, you’d know, so definitely don’t hesitate).

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I’ve found that they come back to life sometimes, especially if the original poster is still here and responds. The original poster gets notification of action regardless of the age of the question.

Otherwise it may depend on responses from people who have not removed Q from active watch. Unless recently reactivated Qs show up in an active list. Go on, post. The worst that can happen is nothing.
Or who discover it by accident.

Bendrewim That’s why we should have a favorites function to bookmark old Qs we like

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By necromancy, do you mean a magical power to revive a thread? [communicating with the spirits of the dead]
Or are you talking about thread necrosis? [the death of cells/living matter]]

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GQ for saving me the trouble of asking this and framing the question in a more interesting way than I would’ve.

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Great job in using the search function. Three cheers!

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Yes. You can even get an award for it, I think. (I’m answering this 8 years after the question, BTW, because it showed up as an automatic suggested related question to a new question about trolling on Fluther.)

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