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What aspects of your job do you like?

Asked by wundayatta (58617points) August 28th, 2008
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I like that I can be on Fluther!

No seriously, I like that my position requires a lot of creativity and that i have the flexibility to run with projects as I see fit. I also like that I get to interact with the community a lot too.

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I get paid in kisses and hugs, cuddling and talking. I’m a mom :)

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I love the free tickets to cultural events, I love going to the opera, art exhibits, the theater, concerts, things like that :)

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The paycheck aspect.

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Chaos, projects (which are often interchangeable terms in my job) and creative problem-solving.

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The bit when a patient gets discharged, after spending weeks making your life miserable by being really ill and threatening to die every other half hour.

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the part where I sit at my desk and have a Halloween marathon.

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The days off.

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making people happy

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@cd7301: What do you do for a living? Making people happy sounds good to me!

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laid back family like atmosphere.
When work needs to get done, it gets done any other time, BSing the day away.

All good people even the owner himself treats everyone fair.

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The free food!

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I get to work with what i love. Fish.

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Uber, dammit, you trump me everytime. Now I have to say “the paycheck” and go sulk.

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learning new skills, good pay in spite of the long hours.

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