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Who can be added to a Section 8 Voucher?

Asked by Momenyax (4points) October 2nd, 2019

I have a section 8 voucher, my 21 y.o. son planned on moving out of our apt with his gf (to prevent her from being homeless) but a month after this decision, he slipped at work, tore his ACL, and is now on disability, waiting for surgery. This injury will take at least a year for him to recover, so it has put him in a bind. My question is, will the housing authority allow my son’s gf to move in, (of course with landlord approval)? And will that mean she has to be on my voucher, or can she be classified as a roommate?

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I have only worked with Section 8 housing once and in that state everyone living in the house was on the voucher.

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He could marry her. That might satisfy them.

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I used to work for Section 8. Everyone in the household has to be on the application and everyone’s income is counted, too.

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However, depending on what the OP means by “disability”, SSI vs SSDI, that could hurt them even worse. I’m guessing, based on his age, that he hasn’t really worked enough to qualify for SSDI, so he’s most likely on SSI. If you’re on SSI and you marry then they count your spouse’s income against you and deduct from your SSI check accordingly.

That is, at least, if my understanding is correct.

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@jca2 That is how it was when I assisted someone with that application process.

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