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How can I find a trusted general contractor in California?

Asked by mckenzie_phillips_fan (3points) August 28th, 2008

Hi Fluther, I am new, I usually read a lot of questions but have never answered or asked until now. I live in San Jose, California, but am having a very hard time finding a general contractor that I trust for a flooring and window project I have. Other than the yellow pages and craigslist, what other sites can I go to to find a general contractor licensed in California?

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Friends or neighbors who will provide references. And it is really tough.

“It is easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle” than to find a reliable and trustworthy general contractor.

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I would try . I love Yelp and know the website is fantastic for Chicago. You can look for contractors, read what others have to say about them, etc. My only tip, based on what I’ve seen in Chicago, is read the reviews. The stars are nice to limit research, but the reviews are key. You can see what people who wanted the same stuff as you had to say and filter out reviews with no reasoning behind them.

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For example: Brother’s Home Improvement seems to have been reviewed by two people who’ve been around Yelp for a while (you can read up on what “Elite” means) and have done a lot of reviews:

However, this one looks like they made a few fake accounts and went at it – the reviewers all only ever did that one review and it was 5 stars? Give me a break.:

Anyway, I really love yelp, so I hope it helps you.

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You can also try Angie’s List for a fee

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I don’t know, but welcome!

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You can’t, there are none.

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My hubby is a contractor and he’s good but we’re all the way in Bakersfield, although his Mother loves in Palo Alto. He probably wouldn’t be the best choice unless it were a really big job.
When choosing someone you can check their license status at You can also get some limited history info about complaints etc.

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