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How convincing Is Hugh Laurie's accent in House?

Asked by Lightlyseared (31626points) August 28th, 2008

I don’t believe that it can be so good Bryan Singer didn’t realise he wasn’t American.

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I think he does a good job, but he has said in interviews he thinks he sounds awful.

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Wonder if it’s easier to fake the American accent, or the British, or Irish, or Scottish, or Aussie?

Ach! Be keeping yer hands off me Lucky Charms!

As an American, I was completely snookered by Laurie. It’s very jarring to hear him speak “normally” (in British).

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Very! I totally believe it!

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@robmandu – I agree. The first time I heard an interview, it seemed like it took me a few minutes for it to really register!

great, I’ll be thinking Lucky Charms, all day!!

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Between House and Stuart Little, I was utterly convinced. I LOVE House!

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He’s not American?

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I’ve never caught a slip-up, and you don’t even want to know how many times I’ve re-watched House.

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i had no idea he was american for the longest time..

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@generalspecific: did you mean wasn’t american?

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He does a fantastic American accent. I saw him in some student flims, from the school he went to in Great Britian. He was doing some period pieces – powdered wig and buckled shoes. He also is the “husband” in Walking on Broken Glass video with Annie Lennox -

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@Eureka: I never realised that the object of her obsession was John Malkovich, either!

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House <3 And yes, I agree with others, I think his accent is very convincing.

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I saw him doing an interview and thought he was faking the British accent.

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Check him out with Dudley Moore from the late 1970s. He’s hilarious as well as in the Blackadder show with Rowan Atkinson. He’s a genius.
And, I read an interview where he said it was very difficult to do the American accent and he finds it to be exhausting. But he’s great at it.

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@augustlan.. yes that’s exactly what i meant, sorry

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I think he does a great job. I know a lot of people who didn’t know he was English. Aside from that – I am totally addicted to House – can’t get enough of that show!

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His american accent sounds better to me than his english one. He’s just really bass and maybe a little croaky, like his character used to smoke.

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