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Can one say "Obama", on a plane?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15419points) 1 week ago

Has anyone gotten in trouble for saying it? Humor welcome.

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Yes. And everyone would cheer.

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I imagine it doesn’t go over well on Air Force One these days.

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I would not fly on any airline that did not permit it.

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Where does this question even come from?

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@janbb Because “Obama” has the sound “bomb” in it.

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This reminds me. Several years ago, in the late 90s, I was putting my kids on a plane bound for Seattle to visit their dad. There were signs all over the place that said it was illegal to make “bomb utterances.”
Well, they started digging through a bucket of preschool toys that belonged to the people ahead of us.
My mom says, “Ha ha! Do you think he has a bomb in those toys??!! Ha ha!!”
I thought they were going to come unglued.
I said, “Mom! You can’t say that! Look at the signs!”
She said, “Well, that is just stupid.”
Mom never had shown the best judgement.

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Or even “hi sis”
Can you imagine…

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