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Given that Trump gave permission to Turkey to slaughter the Kurds in northern Syria, should other supposed allies in the region (Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) be worried that he's going to sell them out too?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26721points) 5 days ago

If you were a prime minister or president in one of the three countries enumerated above, how much trust would you have in the word of your supposed ally?

What does being a US ally mean today?

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Interesting question, I wouldn’t trust with anything. Especially his word to support me or a country. He probably caused the end of an ethnic group by handing them over to Turkey.

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Israel, and Saudi Arabia, have nothing to fear, from the US….

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Yes, I think some allies can be nervous that America is not going to come through with military support while Trump is President. It’s horrible. Israel doesn’t have to worry though. Politically it’s very good for Trump to support Israel. As far as Saudi Arabia, Trump was right there after 9/11 criticizing Bush for letting the Saudi’s fly out of America, and Trump pointed out more than once about the Saudi involvement when America was going to war with Iraq, but somehow now that he is President he’s very SA sympathetic like all Presidents. Would Trump help SA fight a military battle? Probably, but I’m not sure.

Egypt? If I were Egypt I wouldn’t be counting on the US now.

Are any other countries helping the Kurds? Has the UK, Germany, Australia, any other country started sending troops?

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@MrGrimm888 Bull, all it takes is a call from Putin explaining why punting on Israel or Saudi Arabia is needed, and they will be left on their own.

Trump rewarded the Saudi Royal family by selling them nukes after they killed the Wash Po reporter.

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@JLeslie I think I heard the President of Turkey threatened to let 2 million (may not be the right number) refugees from Syria cross through to Europe, if any European country intervened against the genocide (not his words).

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Trump gets along with autocratic despots who like to threaten. Those are the guys he emulates. But every one of them is smarter than he is.

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yes,and I think now the World knows that it can’t count on Trumps word on anything at all.

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@zenbelo . Israel has massive support, from America. We don’t hold them accountable for horrific human rights violations, and consider them an ally. No worries there.

Saudi Arabia, buys lots of US military hardware, and gives oil. No worries there either.

Putin, has no current interest in either country. They’ll be fine.

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Whatever Putin wants trump to do he will do it. trump and Putin now knows if he actually did shoot someone in 5th Avenue, trump fanatics will either blame it on the Dems and that person who got shot. Putin is on a roll and you can bet your sweet cheeks Russian Internet trolls and hacks will quadruple their 2020 US election meddling.

Putin is fakking brilliant. He has a WH Clown backing him up and the clown has Americans backing him up!

Imagine if Obama or Hillary did this instead of trump, Republicans would be marching carrying torches to the WH. They will investigate this for years and would never stop until they get to review all phone and face to face conversations between Putin and Obama or Hillary.

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Trump warned Turkey that he would ruin them economically if they attacked the Kurds. Should we take him seriously?

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Did Israel, Egypt or Saudi Arabia help with the D-Day landings? That is Trump’s ludicrous excuse for betraying the Kurds.

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I have never agreed with @zenvelo more than on this question and his answer.

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@LostInParadise I don’t take any promises he makes serious.

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@LostInParadise The timing of that promised threat made me think it’s more of a panicky reaction after some Republicans quickly warned and criticized trump for his sudden decision. It looks to me like it’s a “Oops, I just whipped up a shitstorm!” moment for trump and so he tried to communicate to Erdogan to “either stop or don’t stop but whatever you do, don’t do it in a way that’s going to make me look bad.”

And so since it was too late to take back his word, he issues a threat.

It’s either I’m wrong or trump is really that freakin stupid. He’s got an American ally’s blood on his hands now. And what does he do? He badmouths them!

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