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Has your city banned conversion therapy?

Asked by KNOWITALL (21619points) 5 days ago

This very progressive and liberal city in Missouri is the first to ban conversion therapy, so I was curious if your city has as well.

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Columbia, Missouri’s city council approved a ban on conversion therapy for minors.

The votes were cast unanimously last night in favor of banning organizations that use various forms of therapy to convert the sexuality of LGBTQ people to heterosexuality.

This practice has been scientifically discredited and Missouri has no state-wide legislation on these kinds of therapy.

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Yes, it is banned state-wide in California and Nevada, the only states I’ve ever lived in and it’s a ban I agree with wholeheartedly.

Should note that it is only banned for minors; if adults want to seek it out, that’s their choice. I may think it’s a bad and misguided choice, but I do believe adults should have the freedom to pursue it if they want. But forcing children into conversion therapy is cruel and deserves to be banned.

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@Demosthenes Wonderful, I agree it’s a very cruel practice. In my area, it seems to be more of a rural practice, as you can imagine.

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Interesting. Yesterday in Florida, a District court in Tampa said that cities could not ban conversion therapy article and that it had to be done at a state level.

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I believe it’s a statewide thing where I am at.
I read this back in April and have not read of any outcome.

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@elbanditoroso Interesting. I need to research with my State Reps then.

Even if it’s a city council banning per city (by ordinance/law) and unable to enforce, it’s still progress imo.

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I don’t know. I would hope so.

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@KNOWITALL I agree it’s progress – it may not last, however, if it ends up in federal court.

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Wow, this sounds like a fucking terrifying horror movie plot.
Good grief, leave people alone!!

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@ucme Some by the bible Christians truly believe conversion therapy will help LGBTQIA’s lead a happier, Christian life. They highly encourage parents to address the issue before it’s too late and they’ll use suicide rates and other stats to ‘prove’ that it’s necessary. Many also believe that sexual orientation is a choice or mental illness.

It’s definately crazy, but from what I’ve heard, many LGBTQIA’s actually go ahead with a hetero marriage and children, denying their authentic selves for a lifetime. I worked with a man who’s dad is a preacher (in Mo) and their church was heavily into conversion therapy. We had a few disturbing conversations and no longer speak, he was convinced it was the right thing to do to help.

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@KNOWITALL I respect your religious beliefs & would never wish to walk all over them, but by blood & stomach pills…these weird buggers are just plain cuckoo!!

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@ucme Hey, I don’t believe in this stuff, it’s disgusting. Me and the coworker got in an argument about it and haven’t spoke in over five years. He was shocked and dismayed that I didn’t believe in it.

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@KNOWITALL Oh I didn’t mean to suggest that you did, sorry, I know you wouldn’t endorse anything like that.
No I just meant how others in your faith shame the rest, that’s all :)

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@ucme True, there are a lot of bad people who claim the same title of ‘Christian’. To me, this is not the worst by far, but still pretty horrible.

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Not that I know of, but I also don’t know of any local conversion “therapy”.

That’s good to hear though. And, I didn’t realize Missouri had a very progressive and liberal city.

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@Zaku It’s a great city, my aunt lives there. Lots of forward thinking humans.

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Nice! Glad to hear it. I don’t think I’ve ever been in Missouri except maybe on a train or in an airport, but I’ll remember that if I’m ever around there.

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