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Having caused personal injury and property damage, is saying sorry I was distracted a legitimate excuse?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (17104points) 1 month ago

Well is it?

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Is it a reason or an excuse? I can see it being a reason. I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention when I hit you. Totally my fault.

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Saying sorry is an admission of guilt and the insurance company won’t be endeared, or will they?

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No its not. True sorry means they offer to pay damages and accept full legal responsibility.

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Well it’s a reason but you still have to face the consequences.

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Reason or excuse people say distraction like it’s an excuse.

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It’s an excuse for sure but it does not remove liability

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I will agree with that.^^^

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Saying “I was distracted” is a backhanded way of saying “it wasn’t my fault , I had something more important to pay attention to.”

It is neither an excuse of a justification.

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If it’s your fault, apologizing is never a bad thing. Consequences are another matter. You should still deal with consequences, if there are any.

If you admit that you were distracted, then you’re owning up to the issue and hopefully, will learn from it.

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No. That is why we have law suits and insurance. If driving a vehicle, today saying you were distracted is the same as saying I’m drunk or I was texting. I’m glad to see some states change their dui law to dwi/d…. driving while impaired and/or distracted. People driving with a phone in their hand just irritate the crap out of me! I don’t know if the new law here is effective in January or June but it is really needed here.

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