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What is it that happened in your life that made you so happy it kept you awake all night?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23850points) 1 month ago

As asked.

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The night before I married my husband and opportunities with my art have done that :)
What about you?

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^^I think it was the first time a girlfriend I was deeply in love with slept beside me in bed in my early 20s. I may have watched her sleeping all night. Lol

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I have been cast in roles I really wanted in musicals that did that. Also certain vacations.

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When I met my last girlfriend face to face, we hit it off so well from the very beginning that I was in a state of wow all night.

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A little over a year ago when my husband was offered a job in Madison, Wisconsin. We made our almost 20 year dream of moving to Wisconsin come true.

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When my son & then my daughter were born, I was so high on joy & absolute pride.
That & my first blowjob obviously…was awake all night wanting another :D

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Haha, almost everything kept me up at night as a kid, scary movies in the dark, spooky noises outside my bedroom window, being born into the Nocturnal lifestyle

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^^Made you happy?

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