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Has anyone found a black SanDisk flash drive in or around Madison, NJ?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) October 29th, 2019

It’s a shot in the dark but hey, I managed to find a person who lost a notebook in the NYC subway using this site. So you never know.

On October 12, Saturday, I was in the Madison/Chatham area of New Jersey around 6 PM onward. I had a black flash drive that looked just like this:

I was having a meeting with someone that required me to show them some of my work from this flash drive, which is why I had it in the first place.

On that same night when I returned home I realized it wasn’t in my pocket. I checked every single place I went to. There were only a few places I went that day. I called them all and haven’t found it. I checked the car, the ground outside. I retraced every step I took immediately and found nothing.

Just a warning, it definitely has NSFW stuff on there. It has many folders and also memes that I haven’t sorted through yet. It’s a backup so it’s not the end of the word, but I would still very much want it back. I have a readme notepad file in it that says how to contact me. Nobody has contacted me, which makes me wonder if it’s still out there or maybe it got crushed. But I haven’t found any debris either when I retraced my steps on the ground.

Another possibility is that someone did find it and took it but hasn’t bothered to open it and probably forgot. In that case, this is just a shot in the dark hoping word gets out to them that somebody is looking to have it back.

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We have had it drilled in our heads at work that if we “find” a flash drive to destroy it immediately because it will most likely have malware. Plugging a flash drive into a corporate computer, even ones given out by the company, is grounds for dismissal.

So I hope whoever may have found yours was prudent and destroyed it.

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@zenvelo Huh. Well, I was hanging out at a restaurant and then an ice cream parlor and then a friend’s house. That was my entire range of activity that night. So I doubt that would be applicable. I think if someone took it it was a patron at the restaurant or ice cream parlor who saw it on the floor or the sidewalk outside, thought it was curious, and then took it home with them.

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I should have mentioned this in the post but now I can’t edit it.

I was hanging out at 54 Main and then later that new Chatham ice cream parlor called Scoops.

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