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Anyone lose a notebook in the NYC subway? I want to find the owner.

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1586points) July 13th, 2011

This is a long shot but. . .here goes.

On Thursday, July 7th, I went clubbing in Webster Hall at a friend’s 21st birthday party. After the party, we went to the subway and I stepped on a notebook that had 50 sheets of index cards.

The owner’s name MIGHT be [removed by Fluther]. There’s a username for a site she wrote down that had that name. There’s also a page filled with phone numbers. I tried calling her family or home but no one ever answers and the inboxes are full. There’s a lot more sensitive information in this book, and I really want to contact her somehow and mail it to her if she still needs it.

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Put a listing in the Village Voice.

The chances that she’s on Fluther are not high.

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Perhaps be a tad more specific about which subway line, going in which direction, and what car. The NYC subway system is not a generic blob.

If this is a legitimate question, see this

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See the thing is I don’t live in NYC. My friends knew where we were going and I was just following them. I knew I was around 3rd Avenue. But I have no idea what the line was or anything like that.

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Welcome to Fluther! If you want to find the owner, keep searching, even if you have to take the notebook home with you. If you finally locate the owner, you can always mail it back…unless you live in an area where there isn’t a postal service.

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Honestly, try posting on reddit. You might not get a whole lot of answers out of somewhere like r/nyc, there are a lot more people that frequent there that might be able to help.

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I Yahooed the name and came up with a linkedin acc’t for her in NY. Maybe you could contact her through there and see if she answers you there?

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Turns out I found her. So I don’t need any more answers. Is there a way to delete this question now? Sorry, I’m new to this obviously.

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@ScottyMcGeester Sure, just flag the question and write in the box that you found the owner and don’t want her name on this question anymore.

Welcome to Fluther!

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Congratulations! Good for you for your diligence.

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Holy crap, I know this person!!!!! I was actually hanging out with her the night she lost it and she just told me about it last night. I’ll send you a message now.

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Ahh, in my excitement I didn’t realize you already found her. Still can’t believe I came across this though!

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It’s a small world. The Net has made it even smaller and much more efficient

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@ScottyMcGeester Just letting you know, I just spoke with her and she was pleasantly shocked to say the least. I know you said you found her, but she said she still hasn’t heard from you. Just wanted to point that out in case you found the wrong person.

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Well – the first thing I’m gonna say is that I can’t believe that some one went to this trouble over a notebook. Second, but most importantly, I don’t know why you think you found the right person because this is DEFINITELY WITHOUT A DOUBT MY NOTEBOOK! I was around williamsburg on Thursday and I realized later that night when I was trying to find an address that my notebook was gone. I didn’t really think anything of it (its not valuable in and of itself) until a few days later when I realized what was in it! I’m so mortified and I really hope that you actually try to get in touch with me – guess I can figure out how to make that happen once I actually post this….?

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@FRose If you PM @ScottyMcGeester he may have his account set up to email him directly. Try it and see if he gets back to you through Fluther PM.

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How many owners of a single notebook..???

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