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What do you think of "hardcore" music?

Asked by chutterhanban (1020points) August 29th, 2008

I’m talking screamo, metal, etc. (i.e. A Static Lullaby, Underoath, System of a Down, August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die) Do you listen to it? Have you tried listening and it disgusts you? Are there some bands you can listen to and some you can’t?

Secondary question: Is it possible that the Christian hardcore scene (Underoath, Emery, Haste the Day, etc.) has more talent than the secular?

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terrible.. can’t stand it. and I hate when someone says they’re a “screamer” in a band. it really doesn’t take that much talent. i just don’t see that as music at all.. it’s hardly melodic, but of course theyre are exceptions. comes with the fall by circle takes the square is one song i like. dunno why but the vocals just blend nicely..

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I just listened to CTTS and it was so much harder and more thrashing than most of the bands I suggested. Give some of them a try.

Underoath – It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door (Free Download… it’s the last song on the list)
Emery – The Question album

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Absolutely hate it. I experience it as an assault on my ears and my peace of mind.
Oh, and get off of my lawn!

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I’m okay with it. I’m not a huge fan of it, can’t quite put my finger on why but It’s not something I’ll specifically listen to, and even, the really screamoish stuff I’ll just turn off if possible. But I quite enjoy listening to the non-screamo bits of the songs, like System of a Down for instance, they have a number of lovely non-screamo songs. I don’t mind it too much because I realise that it’s just another music type. It may not sound like music to some but heck sometimes the music I listen to some people wouldn’t describe as music. Then again the screaming isn’t very…musical is it? As for the musical aspects of the songs, I enjoy them, the guitars, drums, actual proper singing-lyrical parts fit in well. I find that a lot of the screaming parts sound the same. And they kind of grate the inside of my skull. Maybe that’s why I don’t like it hehe.

Also, I didn’t realise there were any christian bands as such, thanks :)

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I like to think i have a very wide taste in music and i like a little bit of everything. Screamo or “hardcore” happens to be one of those exceptions. EGH shitty shit music. Every song sounds just like all the other ones and the whole screaming thing is well stupid.

I do however like system of a down. Their new stuff is absolutely horrible, but “System of a Down” was an amazing cd, and “Toxicity” wasnt too bad either, after that garbage.

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Original System of a Down was good as Uber said, new not so much. As for “screamo” itself I absolutely hate hate hate it. It takes little to no talent, and just sounds horrible from one song to the next. The sad thing is when the band itself has music talent, and then it is completely ruined when they start “singing”. All I can think is the band should leave the singer and get a better gig. This of course is a rare occasion.

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I hate hardcore metal music. Whats the point of that type of music if you can’t fuckin hear the lyrics or understand them

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i enjoy it. only some. chiodos, blood brothers, the fall of troy, ghengis tron, idiot pilot…etc. i usually only like it when there is melodic singing and an electronica sound incorporated into the music. i cant listen to grindcore or death metal, though.

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I like System. I like Slipknot, Pantera, things of that nature. The defining quality that distinguishes between the hardcore metal I like and the hardcore metal I don’t like is if there’s some “musical” quality to it. Some sort of melody. I like being able to understand the words. I don’t mind abrasive growling vocalists, but they have to sing, too. Phil Anselmo could scream with the best of them, but he also had a musical quality to his voice that he could employ. Same with Corey Taylor. So, most death metal is kind of off the table for me. Anything where it’s just a bunch of incoherent screaming turns me off. But I absolutely LOVE heavy music.

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I’ve never paid much attention to the background music of pornographic films.

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I like some System of a Down, but not much else of that screaming shit. If that’s what you’re into, then more power to you. But if I want to get yelled at, I’ll move back in with my parents. :)

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@ aneed: I’m not the hugest fan of it, but it sounds like Sky Eats Airplane would fit right into your liking!

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ctts might be harder but i just really don’t dig any of the bands you mentioned. that one circle takes the square song is really my only execption.. other than that i’d have to say i’m all indie/ambient/oldies so thanks for the suggestion but i think i’m good on that underoath stuff..

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it’s like microphone feedback. only at a much lower register.

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cool… thanks for trying it!

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I echo dalepetrie- Heavy, melodic music rules. I do listen to black metal and symphonic black, and I admit I don’t like it all. I appreciate innovative tonal arrangement and a willingness to push a melody, and even change scale and tempo when it is done effectively. I despise unintelligible stupidity.

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Hardcore music is great to challenge our musical perception. I don’t know how, but my brother finds music in that noise they call “hardcore”. He loves it. I don’t. But I think it’s great that he loves it. Wish I could understand it more.

Am I already too old to relate to teenagers? I’m still a student, myself…

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Well, it all depends. Screaming throughout the entire song, no. There needs to be a good bit of singing mixed in for me to enjoy it. Examples, A Day to Remember, Alesana, Wreckage Before March, Avenged Sevenfold, and Show the Fight. I also, like some that don’t sing as much as these, still do, but the music is very good. Also, I like the breakdowns in a lot of these bands songs, they’re just so…crunk. lol The trick for my liking the music, is that you have to show you have some talent. Decent vocals and some nice guitar riffs/solos. The power chord, power chord, scream, scream, scream, powerchord, powerchord crap is just stupid. Anyone can do that.

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@ mookoo: good call on A Day To Remember… I like Alesana’s music, but I don’t really like their screamer

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@chutterhanban: Yeah, it’s kinda’ different, but the music is really good and once you get a little used to it, it’s not all that bad. =)

The harder bands I like are The Devil Wears Prada and Gwen Stacy mainly.

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cool. i’m still working on liking devil wears prada—it’s hard for me to get used to the inward screaming. as for gwen stacy, i LOVE them. i actually grew up with the drummer, TJ. we went to the same church. he’s a quality guy and gwen stacy is definitely going in the right direction.

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@chutter- Before I forget/move on: As for your secondary question…Lamb of God.

You can thank me after listening.

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@chutterhanban: Yeah, my friend absolutely loves ‘em and when he got in the car, we always listened to at least two of their songs, and then they just kinda’ grew on me. lol

d00d, that’s awesome about Gwen Stacy’s drummer. That same friend would be soo jealous of you. lol He’s the really big hardcore/metal/screamo fan of the two of us. I just like and listen to some of it, it’s all he listens to.

Also, some more I like are Silverstein and August Burns Red. Which brings me to the question, do you know how August Burns Red got their name?

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tell me. i’m a huge fan of what they’re about and, of course, their music

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@Chutterhanban: Brace yourself. One of the members of the band had a dog, named Red. He also, had a girlfriend and her name was August. After an apparently heated disagreement, she ended up burning his dog. Hence, August Burns Red. I didn’t believe it at first, but then people kept asking me, and I told ‘em what I knew and they were like, yeah. So either that’s all one BIG rumor that the band hasn’t put to sleep, which I highly doubt they would have let something like that get so big.

Anyways, that’s where it’s derived from. =/

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@glitterrrrfish: most people, when they listen to music, focus mostly on the vocals because that is what they relate to the most. others, relate more to the instruments and focus on those more. In hardcore and metal, some people, like me, like to think of the vocals as just another instrument, and the guitar or drums as the focal point in the music. I used to not like screaming at all. I love it now, (most of the time. some bands just suck at it) and I don’t need to hear the words. the screaming becomes part of the harshness of the rest of music if done well, and fits great. i wish people would be more tolerant of heavy music instead calling it noise. music has kind of a subjective meaning. if someone says its music to them, then fine, let em be.

also, it sounds like a lot of people in this thread would really like killswitch engage on their latest album “as daylight dies” and on “the end of heartache”
its myspace but check it out anyways!

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I’m not saying they should stop or quit making that type if music I’m just expressing my veiws on it. I just don’t see the point in those pig squeels and whenever I listen to like job for a cowboy or some shit, I always end up saying “that sounded like that other metal band”

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that’s because you’re listening to job for a cowboy… lol. try something, well, better—like Underoath. their new cd “lost in the sound of separation” is freaking unbelievable.

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Should this question have been rephrased “What do you think of hardcore Christian music?”

And no, the Christian hardcore scene is scrambling to keep up with bands that play music for music’s sake.

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But that wasn’t his question Knotmyday, that was a secondary question within the question, I don’t think it needs to be rephrased at all. We answered the question(s) that he asked as he asked, no need to change a thing.

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He/she is just saying that most of the Hardcore bands we have been naming off call themselves Christian Hardcore bands. I personally could care a less if they call themselves Christian Hardcore or not, you sound good, you’re good. Christian is just another word for those who want to make it ‘uplifting’.

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Thanks MooKoo, ‘tis clearer now. I see any Christian band as just any other band but with Christian values. Heck you could have Islamic Hardcore, I don’t know, but it could happen hey? ;)

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i listen to it, but prefer industrial music. i like to hear lyrics, at least some lyrics, once in awhile.

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