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Exporting typewriter text from FCP.

Asked by artdaless (1points) August 29th, 2008

I’m trying to export a five minute trailer from FCP 6.0.4. Have tried both compressor and direct to QT. But in both cases, the text clips at the end of the piece are gone when I look at the movie. I imported a new font for the text. Is that the problem, or could it simply be the typewriter text function? Or interlacing? Will eventually use motion for this, but wanted to have it to send to clients for approval before moving on to that phase. Any ideas? Thanks.

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If you intend to show this to your clients, I’m assuming that this is more/less a concept piece. Show them text in whatever font will export. Print out the text as it will appear in the video. Show them both side-by-side, and explain that the video will look like the text in the final project. Unless they are anal about seeing the final as it will appear.

In that case, I would try to flatten the text somehow (I have little exp. with FCP, sorry), or just go ahead and do something up quick in motion.

Good luck!

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