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Is cholesterol in the arteries basically just hard grease?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16399points) November 4th, 2019

What would the properties of a chunk of cholesterol be?

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It’s called plaque. My father spent his career removing it. He brought in some to show my elementary school class. It’s hard, white rubbery stuff.

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@gorillapaws…was dad an angiologist/vascular surgeon?

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@ZEPHYRA General/Vascular surgeon. He’s transitioned to veins now and I’m the admin for his private practice.

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@gorillapaws I guess he’s seen a fair share of blocked carotid arteries!

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Yes. He had a special “lucky” turtleneck that he wore when he did those. The thing was pretty ratty looking by the time he stopped doing procedures in the hospital. If one little piece of plaque breaks loose when you’re doing that procedure, the patient can have a major stroke. Of course if you don’t do it, then the patient is eventually guaranteed to die, so…

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