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Is it ok to use a gallon milk jug for water storage?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) November 4th, 2019

I have been refilling 4 liter milk jugs with water and putting in the fridge. Do you have any better suggestion? Or is what I am doing ok? EDIT

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As long as you really wash them out well shouldn’t be a problem.

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Those might be hard to be clean enough with the small opening. I would just get a regular plastic gallon of water, then keep refilling it after.

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@nightwolf5 I’m thinking of buying this from Amazon. What do you think?Arrow Plastic 00745 Slimline Beverage Container, 1.25-Gallon

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@nightwolf5 I found and ordered this BPH free model from Amazon with free shipping for $26 Arrow Home Products 00746 Fridge Stack Beverage Container, 5 Quart, Clear

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It’s a random site for me:
“I wouldn’t suggest reusing milk bottles not only because you can’t be sure to have gotten out all of the milk protein from the plastic, no matter how much you wash it, ...” I guess so if it’s not transparent you can’t tell if it’s well cleaned.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Yes those kinds of containers work great! I hope you like it.

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No! Always use glass or other nonplastics. Many are one time use and not made for it.

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Only for short periods of time. They spring leaks. I’ve experienced it more than once. They are fine for several months, but not dependable after that. We used to use 18 gal storage containers like you buy at Home Depot for water storage. I just keep a lot of bottled water now.

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What you do is perfect as long as you wash the milk thoroughly. Any container that can hold milk safely, will hold water.

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