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How do you pronounce VLOG (video blog)?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30572points) November 5th, 2019


or ‘vlog’ run together,

which is correct?

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A vlog (not all caps) rhymes with blog.

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Pronounce as in Flock with a soft F (also known as V) and soft cK, but I think it is a V(ideo) Log.

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As described above. Rhymes with blog. Vlog.

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I pronounce it “vee-log”. But I am an old.

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Found this: Audio pronunciations of the word “vlog.”

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It makes sense that some would not immediately pronounce /vl/ as a blend since this is not a blend that naturally occurs in English (only in foreign words and names, like “Vlasic”).

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Since we must shorten everything, I pronounce it like this. Since you can’t hear my proounciation online, does it really matter to anyone else

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I think just saying “vlog” sounds dumb and annoying, despite it’s congruency with “blog”, which I also find annoying.

I’m sticking with “vee-log” and will be laughing and thinking negative things about people who say “vlog”.

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If vblog gets pronounced veeblog, then how would veeblog be pronounced?

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I pronounce it as it is spelt, “vlog”. How else are we supposed to pronounce it?

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