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Are you getting political calls on your cell phones and are you fighting back?

Asked by LuckyGuy (37288points) 1 week ago

A political action committee supporting President Trump has been using a company that employs location data gathered from phones to send targeted ads. Campaigns are also tracking potential voters “based on apps they use and places they have been including rallies, churches and gun clubs.” “The data can be traced to a specific person allowing campaigns to determine who gets a fundraising call or a knock on the door.”

Are you fighting back? How do we discourage this? Should we vote for the candidate that doesn’t do this?

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No mainly my home phone so far.

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I am getting a number of calls from unknown numbers, so I don’t know if they are political calls or other unwanted calls. I have come to the conclusion that I will not answer the call if I don’t recognize the number.

T-Mobile automatically labels calls as “scam likely” and those get ignored right up front.

To your question – how to discourage it? I’m not sure it’s possible. These marketing companies are buying data about us without consent and without oversight. I don’t know how to stop them at this point. My best advice is to be erratic and unpredictable – make their data so useless as to make it not worth their effort to even make a call.

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No, I use the Do Not Call registry as soon as I get one from anyone. It works.

I would never vote based on personal inconvenience like phone solicitations or mailings, as I’d end up never voting- for any party.

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Well, no but…
We have a General Election on Dec 12th & my daughter received a letter this morning with House of Commons printed on the envelope.

Turned out to be from our local MP informing her, as if she didnt already know, that since the previous election she is now eligible to vote.

Guy basically begging for her vote, she can & will go her own way of course, but this parliament has made such a right royal mess of things, I don’t back any of them.

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I don’t like the idea that commercial companies are able to set up a transponder at an event or in a parking lot, capture our unique phone ID, put it together with our email address and sell the info to political parties or whomever they want.
I voted today and realized there could be a sniffer in one of the cars parked in the lot.

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@LuckyGuy turn off the phone if you don’t want to be tracked.

This entire cell phone tracking mechanism was a gift to the national intelligence world (and the advertising world). If we hadn’t been suckered into buying cell phones, there is no way that any of us would ever have agreed to be followed 24/7 by the government or anyone else.

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I get political ads, on my news sources.

Mt biggest problem is that politicians knock on my door, and when I don’t respond, they leave pamphlets, or other crap, in my mailbox, or on my door. When I used to have a landline, I would call them, and fuss at them.

I get churches, doing the same thing. In the end, the neighborhood just has these pamphlets, all over the ground. Lots of litter.

My favorite, are the Mormons. They arrive on bicycle, and I pull out my shotgun, or machete. And I tell them, to “PLEASE come back?”

I am very territorial. I don’t want you at my door, unless I invited you.

The truth is that I don’t know who the fuck these people really are. They could be casing my house. My ex, used to get mad at me, for being so rude, and threatening to these types of people. A guy would knock on my door, and claim to be a security salesman. My ex, would be mad at me, when I told them to get the fuck away from my house, and NEVER come back. She’d be like, “he’s just selling security systems.” And my relpy was “why?? Because he had a clip board?”

For all I knew, he was a criminal, probing my house for weakness.

She was a country girl. Very trusting. I’m a world traveler, and I know that people try to take advantage of others. Sometimes, they have clever ideas, about how to do so.

If I don’t know you, and you knock on MY door, you better be ready to testify. I’ll pump my Mossberg, then it’s time to tell me what the fuck you’re doing on my porch.

That may seem rude. But that’s how I run shit. If you knock on my door, you better have a damn good explanation for why. If park outside of my house, and I don’t know you, you better have a good story.

I’m actually a peaceful person. But. I don’t trust ANYONE. I’ll confront any univited guest. And that might get killed one day. But. That’s how I run my dwelling. I had a run in, with some weird guy, about a week ago. He kept parking in front of my house, and several times, he pulled into a house for sale across the street. I talked to him, from my porch 3AM , EST. He gave me some BS, about looking for a house. He drove up 5 times. On the 5th occasion, I waked up to his car. I told him to get the fuck out of my neighborhood. He just chirped out. Haven’t seen him before, or since. But. Now he knows, that he can’t just wonder around, at 3AM. Not in my hood.

I can agree, that it wasn’t the smartest thing, I’ve ever done. But this guy set my radar off. He was up to no good.

You don’t park at my place, without permission. You don’t knock on my door, unless we talked. You don’t just “stop by.” When you approach my dwelling, unless you are the mail man, you are putting yourself in serious danger.

That’s how I defend myself….

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@MrGrimm888 We don’t get many doorbell ringers in this area, Houses are too spread out. Even politicians don’t bother. If we want Girl Scout cookies we have to ask someone to order for us.
When a stranger does stop by I too have the feeling they might be casing the neighborhood.

One time we had a pace of Mormons (is that the correct collective noun for a group of Mormons?) walk up my driveway while I elbow deep worknig on my son’s car.
They started in with their spiel, and continued after I said I was busy and not interested. One said his book had the answers . I replied “Unless that book can tell me where IGN and B+ is on this 24 pin ECM connector I am not interested. Please enter in your file to not come here any more.” (In case you were unaware, they do keep records of every house visit and the response.).

They have not been back in at least 15 years.

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I don’t know. If I don’t recognize the number, I don’t answer my cell and it goes to VM. I haven’t had any VM’s soliciting for any political candidate.

FYI, one of the criteria for determining how you’ll vote is the music you listen to. Blues is on that list as a liberal, so I’ve loaded my Pandora with blues so I shouldn’t be receiving any conservative candidates on my cell

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I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize. If they are calling they aren’t leaving messages. I’ve had one call and i just hung up on the guy.

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@LuckyGuy . It seems that you and I, have a lot in common. If you ever visit Charleston, SC, PM me. We have a lot of northern people, who move down here. You should come down and see the “Holy City.” You seem financially sound. Even if you don’t want to chill, you should visit this great city. Just saying…

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@MrGrimm888 I’d be delighted to visit. In return I am extending the invite here. It would be fun!

Now that the elections are over the calls have stopped. Peace and Harmony reign throughout the land.

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