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Quark, ImageReady, niether or both?

Asked by Bri_L (12219points) August 29th, 2008

This is like asking mac or pc in some courts. I am pretty against quark for many many reasons, quite a few having nothing to do with the program. Your thoughts?

Thank you in advance.

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Quark is for print layout, ImageReady is for prepping images for web (but isn’t available anymore, as of cs3). I assume you mean InDesign?

I prefer InDesign myself, but I’ve only ever played with Quark once so I couldn’t really compare them properly.

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Image Ready, Quark and InDesign are still in the real world ot there. If you work as a freelancer like me is better to have all of them. I received a Iomega Zip 250 disk a week ago and I was able go read it thanx God. That is why I still use Macromedia FreeHand MX even if my main drawing app today is Illustrator. In my experience every major print company use Quark… and every new independent small publishing uses InDesign.

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InDesign hands down. Quark is still stuck in the 90’s

What are you try to achieve would be my question.

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Moderator please change that brain fart in my question to InDesign.


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OMG *for the last post

I meant to say “What are you * trying to achieve. Not “what are you try…

I’m also not at 100%

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As I said…. BOTH.

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I use pages or i code it in html ;)

Between the two, InDesign, but i dont like either of them. quark is stuck in the 90’s and InDesign is stuck in 2000–2005

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ImageReady is not available anymore and all functionality of IR is now bundled in Photoshop CS3.

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@ AxSgrd – I screwed up . I meant to type InDesign. Sorry about that.

I don’t like how quark treated its users. How over priced is has been for so long as a one trick pony. How very little changes were made for so long. How unconventional its interface and key commands are. Only recently have there been efforts made to fix that.

Way to much ‘tude for my taste.

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yep. I think U made a desicion already.

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I use both weekly. I just have a co-worker who badgers me constantly about not being a “Quarkhead”. I always know I can count on fluther to give me their opinions.

To be honest. 5 years ago, the best solution was a mix between the two, but both programs were still unstable. But now that isn’t a problem.

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Yes, also a few years ago it REALLY Looked like Quark was going to TAKE OVER.
They thought it was better than sliced bread since everyone was Used to “inputting code” and telling the computer “do this line in 12point font, and #34” which would be Arial, futura etc. You couldn’t actually SEE what it looked like ON SCREEN. You just knew what it would look.(purists?) evey single line of text looked the same (think..html)
And also the LETS SAVE Every 4 Seconds and wait 5 minutes after each move.
I believe A LOT of people really WANTED Quark to succeed, but it never did.

Funny story:
interviewer: ...and how about Quark
me: Yes pretty well, but i HATE IT
interviewer: ...well…that’s what we use here so you better like it
me: oh, ...ok,...Yes I love Quark…
interviewer: haha you are hired…

sry for the long semipointless post

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@ windex – They became so engrained in the industry they didn’t have to try anymore. For a while they quite updating, quit fixing bugs and charged more than the adobe suite entirely for a one trick crash prone pony.

I think I am holding a bitter grudge.

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Also, Quark is very expired. Try InDesign or PageMaker.

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I’ve had more experience with InDesign than Quark, but it seemed more intuitive to me immediately upon using it than Quark did.

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I used PageMaker 1.0 (it was owned by Aldus then. They also owned FreeHand ) it was the battle between PageMaker and Quark back then. I hated Quark for all those same reasons mentioned already. Quark won and Adobe came up with InDesign. I love it since 1.0 but I did need to use Quark for a year or two. InDesign is better since it plays well with other Adobe apps.

But FreeHand is still the ONLY app out there that supports mutiple page sizes within a single document.

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