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Do you consider yourself helpful or would you rather collect a troll toll?

Asked by Jonsblond (1776points) 4 weeks ago from iPhone

December 11 will be my 11 year anniversary as a Flutherite. I’ve learned so much from this site.

One thing I’ve learned is how we can be helpful to future users by answering questions even if we think the OP might be a troll.

My question is: what’s more important to you? Calling out the troll publicly instead of going through the proper channels of contacting the moderation team or being helpful for future users researching the topic at hand?

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My intentions are to be helpful; however with the way some people twists other people’s words, being considered a troll isn’t as insulting as it used to be!!!

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I do not take prisoners.

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“One thing I’ve learned is how we can be helpful to future users by answering questions even if we think the OP might be a troll.”- I agree.

besides,there’s no money or fame in it ;)

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I suspect this question is aimed at me. I pointed out that someone has asked the same question under different names many times. I fail to see how anyone would have this same issue in the future as it was very specific. However, I feel that a lot of jellies spend a lot of time and effort on their answer, including me, and felt in this case that it was best to point it out. If someone wanted to go ahead and answer, they were forewarned. I spent a lot of time answering that same question the last time it was asked. I don’t call troll often, but when I do, I have thought about it long and hard. I will continue the way I act and answer on this site. I’ve been here since 2008 and have never had an issue.

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Those of us who are here consistently may detect patterns in poster’s repeated questions that those who are here and gone again may not. If someone is asking repeatedly about the same situation and not listening to responses or attacking responders, yes, I will call them out. I consider that partly my responsibility as a longterm constant member of Fluther who is concerned about its quality.

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I’ve been called a troll before by those, ahem…less educated folk!
With almost 50k worth of useless lurve, I must be a pretty shit troll :D

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Sometimes I’ll point out that the OP has asked this previously, or that a question like “Does this mean he likes me” or “What does it mean if I dream about my crush” is kind of foolish. If I suspect the person is just here for their jollies, and is attacking people who don’t answer the way he or she wants, I’ll call it out.

Sometimes there are long time Jellies who attack people who don’t answer they way he or she wants, and then it’s just an interesting pattern to observe.

Sometimes I won’t bother at all. I may choose to “follow” and see how it pans out.

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Yeah, I may call out some people but I try to be helpful still.
Even if they aren’t a troll, just one of those that ask a question then never come back, I try to be helpful.
It is hard, however, to be helpful when people ask those open ended (almost impossible to answer) relationship questions. I ignore those typically. Any other question I try to answer best I can

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I will also like to add, it is equally as frustrating answering a “troll” question and answering a question where the OP disappears. At least for me. Sometimes you need more info or sometimes you just want to know what happened in the end. I have ignored questions from users that I feel aren’t ever going to come back in the past, but I try to answer if it isn’t a relationship question.

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I hope that I was helpful and entertaining.

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Sorry I misunderstood the question. I usually just flag and move on when I encounter a troll. I don’t want to make myself a future target.

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I think it’s helpful to the community to call out trolls on their bullshit.

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I recently decided to not respond to trolls since SavoireFaire scolded us for ‘feeding the trolls’. I dont want to make their job harder. And some can get a bit abisive to the OP. Better to say nothing than get upset.

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