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Winter: vest or heating?

Asked by rebbel (35553points) November 24th, 2019

Winter is coming quickly (in the Northern Hemisphere), and even in autumn it can get/be pretty chilly.
How do you keep yourself warm?
Will you/are you wearing multiple lairs (in the house), or are you/will you turn up the heat?
Is cost in this matter an important consideration for you?
Or how about cozyness; rather cocooning in fleece blankets, or some extra logs on the fire?

I’m a fleece guy (and admittedly, a pantoffles guy), plus, I have a strong dislike for paying for heating.

So, vest or heating?

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Duvet snuggle til May, at which time I hope to emerge a butterfly.

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I do some of each. Have a lovely fleece blanket in the den for when I’m snuggling in and watching TV but sometimes I’m up and moving around and just need to turn the heat up a notch for comfort. My hands and feet get cold so a vest isn’t always the solution.

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I usually just dress warmer. leggings and a sweater unless I am in my studio. I wear short sleeves for throwing cay but have a small heater going nearby.
I’ve gone for walks in -12 F and have been just fine. A face mask is good for that.
I’d rather be a little cold than too warm.

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It’s a matter of degree. If you wake up in the morning and there’s ice in your toilet, you are beyond thrifty!

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I have an onezy and an electric blanket.

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Both, it’s damn windy in this old house. The second floor only has heat (barely) in the bathroom.

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Both. Heat to around 65–70F. Lots of fleece and silkworm, too.

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I have a large window facing southish. It fills the living room with sun so well, my furnace rarely comes on during the day, and this house has lots of breezy cracks.

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I put off turning on my heat until I can NO longer stand it. I have several fleece blankets of different thicknesses. I also have a nice Sherpa blanket & I keep several Sherpa vests, lightweight jackets available. I also have a pair of Sherpa socks with the floor grips so my feet don’t get so cold. I didn’t turn on my heat until about 2 weeks ago when we suddenly plunged to 28 during the night & didn’t even get up to 32 during the day. The walls & floor got so cold that even the sun beating down on the house during the day wasn’t enough to give me any warmth. Since then, we’ve warmed up a little & I’ve got my heater cut back to the bare minimum!!! So, I wrap up until being wrapped starts feeling cold & I give in & turn the heat on. I also turn my heat off in very early spring & go back to wrapping up until summer begins to think of showing up!!!

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