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What would you gift the Jelly above you?

Asked by rebbel (35553points) November 24th, 2019

Just for pretending sake.
It’s the idea that counts, right?
A gifted horse…..
Imagine your present would really fall into the hands of the Jelly above you.
What would you gift them?

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An instant teleporter to take him to Greece whenever he wanted to go.

canidmajor's avatar

An instant teleporter to get her to her grandchildren when ever she wanted!

SQUEEKY2's avatar

A delux pooper scooper for her puppies.

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

A Peterbilt 351L logger.

PaisleyFaye's avatar

A Genie in a bottle to grant her 3 wishes.

stanleybmanly's avatar

Since I know her not, the same genie.

rebbel's avatar

A thesaurus.

MrGrimm888's avatar

I would gift my everything, to allow jellies….

Sagacious's avatar

A lemon pie.

Patty_Melt's avatar

The entire works of Santana, and a box of chocolates.

cookieman's avatar

An original Betsy Ross sewn American Flag — in a really nice, cherry wood display case.

janbb's avatar

^^ The obvious

Mimishu1995's avatar

Will a stuffed penguin do?

Patty_Melt's avatar

Round trip air fare to visit, and sight seeing drives. Delicious hand made pizza just down the street, and shopping.

NoMoreY_Aagain's avatar

Christmas is over and my credit cards are maxed out so suck it up buttercup. And stuff that genie back in the bottle and toss it into the Gulf of Mexico. Before he / she gets any more bright ideas.

Mimishu1995's avatar

Some days off?

NoMoreY_Aagain's avatar

Hell yeah! Thanks Mimi : )

Patty_Melt's avatar

A teddy bear, which warms up when you hug it, and says “oh dear, I’m so sorry” when the day’s problems are whispered in its ear.

MrGrimm888's avatar

I’m so sorry Patty.~

Mimishu1995's avatar

@Patty_Melt You used to tell me something about some green army men guarding you, so how about some bullets for them? :D

@MrGrimm888 a fishing rob so that you can go fishing for at least one day?

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Mimi. I get sea sick, pretty easily. But, I could dry heave my way through a couple days. I usually vomit, after a big fight. So, what’s the difference?

I need money. So. I guess I’d do it…I throw up, almost every day. So. Fuck it..
I guess I should apply for some deep sea fishing assignments….

Patty_Melt's avatar

Grimmy, are you volunteering teddy bear duty for me?

Well, since you are now the jelly above me…
Put your right hand firmly on your left shoulder.
Then put your left hand on your right shoulder.
Now squeeze.
You just got a hug from me.

MrGrimm888's avatar

Thanks Patty. You rock. Teddy bear duty? You got it…

Mimishu1995's avatar

Can I join the teddy bear service too? I can even poke as the bear!

MrGrimm888's avatar

I got you Mimi. I’d hold you, for as long as you want….

Patty_Melt's avatar

By golly, I may have to contact the Gund company about a new product.

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