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Causes of sinus infections?

Asked by Poliwogamajig (21points) November 25th, 2019 from iPhone

After having sex using a condom, I get nasal congestion and sinus infections. Why?

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Are you allergic to latex? Are you performing fellatio?

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Not allergic to latex…no fellatio.

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I’m thinking you have an allergy to latex and as yet are unaware.
I didn’t know for a long time that I did. It isn’t one of those daily irritations like dust or pollen, and so goes undetected frequently.

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Thanks. I will try using non-latex condoms next time and see what happens…I never thought of that!

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What is the best effective topical remedy for male pattern baldness?

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I believe that kind of product depends on the individual.
As a woman who has been around for several years, I can say that a lot of times me worry more about it that the women who care about them. I have been involved with a couple of men who started adding early, but for me it was a non issue. It was their behavior that exhibited the youthful vitality which attracted me.
I realize that for your own benefit you probably want to try something anyway. I’m just pointing out that until you find a product which works for you, try not to stress out about it.

I have been seeing commercials for a ball cap with lights inside which supposedly enhances regrowth. I laughed when I first first saw it, but became curious whether there is anything to that.
If you or anybody reading this tries it, please share the results. If it makes a difference that would be pretty cool, no mess. Hopefully there is no risk of the battery bursting into flames like some phones!

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