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What do you need to change in your pedagogy to deal with the use of new technology inside a classroom?

Asked by ClaysonFigueira (4points) 1 week ago from iPhone
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Learn all you can about computering and how it works. Take classes. Watch videos of other teachers showing how to use it.

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With all due respect, I think you have the question backwards. New technology isn’t something you add to the classroom before figuring out how—and why—to incorporate it into your teaching. You should only add new technology to your classroom once you’ve figured out what good it does you (and your students).

Why use a presentation program like Power Point? Because it’s a superior to using physical slides in virtue of being easier to store, share, and change. And why use slides in the first place? Because it’s superior to writing things on a blackboard every time you teach a class. But all of these would be pointless in a class that didn’t involve a lecture component or some other kind of prepared presentation.

Why use classroom polling software? Because it’s quicker, less wasteful, and more comprehensive than daily paper surveys, group emails, or randomly selecting and questioning students. But again, this would be pointless if you have a small class or have other methods of checking up on a group’s understanding or availability.

If new technology is being forced on you from above, whoever is making you used it would ideally be the one to explain what good it is. But if not, then you’re stuck trying to reverse engineer good uses for it.

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