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Does the backup for the ipod 2.0 update keep all my songs on my ipod?

Asked by christophersims (1points) August 30th, 2008

i want to update my ipod but it says it will backup and restore all my music, does it really keep the songs on my ipod safe or will i loose all my music? thanks for answering

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if you are on 1.1.4 upgrading to 2.0 all of your music will be removed. When it says “backing up” it is just backing up your settings, contacts, bookmarks and webclips. You will have to put all the music from your computer back on. Depending how much music you have, that can take minutes to hours.

On aside note, the upgrade to 2.0 is well worth it. There are a few slowdowns, but there are many apps in the appstore and you can still jailbreak it for more apps.

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With 2.0 onward. You get full backups. When it says backing up. It backs up everything, music, movies, photos, settings, apps, absolutely everything. So after the update it will be identical to what it was before.

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