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Any ideas?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) August 30th, 2008

I woke up this morning with a pain in my stomach (or should I just say my left side of my torso area?), and it hurts mostly when I inhale even a little deeper than usual, like yawning, or when I was still in bed.

Last night’s dinner was one of those frozen Bertoli pasta mixes that you just throw in a pan, and garlic bread… both of which I’ve had several times before. I also had a Klondike bar.

I don’t think it’s something I ate, because it’s a sharp pain and not really in the “I just ate something bad” areas. As far as going to the doctor is concerned, I live and work 40 miles from my doctor and any emergency room is going to cost me an arm and a leg even with insurance, so I’d like to avoid it if possible.

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Your hospital should have a ask-a-nurse service. Something like this but for your location. If you must you could lie and call the number I posted and tell them you live in the area they cover.

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You’ve ruled out a pulled muscle, I presume. It’s impossible (and a VERY bad idea) to expect diagnosis over the internet from non-health professionals (not to mention that YOU, yourself, are not a health professional so you could be missing symptoms that are significant).

Also, you’re really not interested in a diagnosis. You want someone to say “Relax. It’s nothing”.

Unfortunately, it CAN be something. But I DO identify with your concerns about cost. I assume the pain is not intense. Understand that, if it’s a stone or appendix, it can BECOME intense real quick. Certainly let someone else know if you’re home alone. I might CONSIDER waiting 30 minutes or so. See how it goes. If it starts to get worse, or you see no change, then get to your doctor (which I’d feel more comfortable in your doing right now, actually).

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Most places now have “nurse-in-a-box” clinics, usually inside of drug stores. Walgreens and CVS stores often have them. They are staffed by a nurse-practitioner, and you can usually be seen for about thirty dollars. The nurse can do a thorough exam, and probably tell you whether it is something that you need to be seen by a doctor or in the ER about. They can also write prescriptions. I know many communities also have “urgent care” or “walk-in” clinics, which are staffed by physicians, that have weekend hours. I’m sure they are more expensive than the nurse clinics, but they may also offer more services, like labwork or x-rays. Both kinds of clinics generally take health insurance, if you have it. You might want to call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card first, to find out what they cover.

To me, it almost sounds like a lung problem, rather than a stomach problem. It is possible to have a little bleb on your lung spontaneously give way, partially deflating your lung. If you start feeling short of breath at all, you should go ahead and be seen somewhere. But, as Mr_M has pointed out, it could also be a kidney stone, a pulled muscle, or even appendicitis (although appy pain is usually on the right side.) No one is going to be able to tell you for sure here. You could try taking a non-prescription pain-killer, like Tylenol or Advil. but if the pain continues, or gets worse, I would suggest that you get seen by some medical professional somewhere.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

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@Mr_M: “Also, you’re really not interested in a diagnosis. You want someone to say ‘Relax. It’s nothing.’”

That was snippy, and I didn’t appreciate it. I know aaaaaaaall about those idiots who run to the internet to diagnose their issues. But the last time I had a pain similar to this one, it was gas. Whenever I inhaled, it was a sharp pain. I asked my dad, a nurse, and he said it was gas. I swore up and down it wasn’t because I knew what gas felt like and that wasn’t it. Sure enough, it was gas. I’m semi-prone to gastritis, and it feels like this, but not in that area.

Obviously, it’s not that bad, otherwise I’d be at the doctor or ER. But because it’s NOT that bad, I thought I’d try here. I have a family full of healthcare professionals… I’m not an idiot.

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Whoa. Mr_M was trying to help and reassure. If you have a family full of health
professionals and are not an idiot, don’t be nasty to the people you asked instead
of the people who are supposed to be your first line of defense.

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I wasn’t nasty. I just said it was snippy and unappreciated.

Edit: Plus, I posted this question at something like 7:45am. I’m not about to start waking up my aunts and uncles. My dad, incidentally, is working, so I can’t call him.

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It may just be intestinal blockage. Sounds dumb, but it happens to people all the time.

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I have had what you are describing (or at least I think I have). Take a pain killer, and lay on your back with something warm over where it hurts. This could be a corn pad or a baked potato: something that will keep the heat for a good long while.

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My brother thinks it sounds like a virus infection leading to pleuritis.

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@PnL: I looked that up and my only symptom is the pain. But it’s not in my lungs like bronchitis. It’s in my stomach. And at worst the pain has been a 5 – 6.

if it’s not better tomorrow I’m going to the ER, but as of now it fluctuates. I think it’s another run of gastritis.

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@poof, my comment wasn’t meant to be nasty but just a reflection on human nature. I know when I and most people go to a doctor, we’re really hoping he’ll say “Relax, it’s nothing”. Don’t you think so? Ask your family full of healthcare professionals – they’ll tell you the same.

And they probably will tell you you WERE nasty. Although I didn’t appreciate that, I DO appreciate you’re letting me know you’re not an idiot. I wasn’t sure.

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Thanks for your input, Mr M. I’ll be sure to file it away appropriately so that I may reference it easily in the future.

There is nothing nasty about what I said. I said that I thought your comment was snippy and I didn’t appreciate it. If I’d told you to stick your comment you-know-where, that would have been nasty. But that isn’t what I meant, so it’s not what I said. I said I didn’t appreciate it. If you can tell me where that’s nasty, I’d be happy to apologize.

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Ah! I see! So if I responded and said YOU couldn’t stick my comment there since your head was already occupying the space, that might be considered nasty too? Hey! I think I’ve diagnosed your pain!!! :)

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[mod says] Okay guys, I am going to interrupt right now and ask people to stay on topic to prevent this argument escalating in the future. Thank you.

Poof, I hope you figure out what’s wrong and feel better soon. Let us know what the problem is once you are sure.

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Hi poof,

Are you feeling any better today? I hope so! What did the pain turn out to be, if anything?


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