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Have you discovered Barry Manilow yet?

Asked by johnpowell (17020points) 1 week ago

Not joking.

I watched a episode of Family Guy and they had Manilow serenading Quagmire.

And I liked it

So I downloaded a bunch of Manilow. So good.

I guess what I am saying is this 40 year old punk rocker really loves the shit out of Barry Manilow. So at least give him a go. Something about it is amazing. Listening to “I made it through the rain” right now. Fucking amazing, not joking. This is what music should be like. Again, not joking.

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In the mid-80s my middle-school best bud and I would have a sleep over in their living room where his stereo system was and listen in the dark to Barry’s songs. My favorites were This One’s For You, Even Now and Somewhere in the Night.

Btw, wish I have his vocal range. That would kill in a karaoke bar for sure. Lol

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He has a nice, clear voice. I don’t own any recordings of his but this is the one I like by him.

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He finally came out, evaporating all the evil fun from the Barely Manenough jokes of the 80s. He’s another of those guys like Liberace; gracious to a turn toward his fans, and absolutely adored by the blue haired lady set. I’ll defend his music…(copa cabana) any day. And his Christmas album is topnotch.

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I grew up with Barry. Good to hear that a younger generation has discovered his talent!!!

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When I was growing up in Las Vegas I shared an elevator with him at The Boulevard Mall. He was very polite. I knew who he was because my mom was a fan. I grew up listening to his music.

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Manilow is fantastic. I still wish I had seen him when I was in Vegas. I can sing along with so many of his songs. I was born in the late 60’s and grew up with Barry Manilow. He’s awesome. I was just trying to make up a Zumba routine to Copacabana last week.

He’s up there with Elton John, ABBA, Billy Joel, in the sense that he had multiple hits that everyone loves to sing along with. That’s my opinion anyway.

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Well, “Mandy” hit when I was 16 or so, and moving out of the Donny Osmond / Michael Jackson stage and into Led Zep and Pink Floyd.
To answer the question, yes. But he was an older version of a boy band so I didn’t give him much thought.

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Barry was the pianist for Bette Midler when she was starting ! That was 40 years ago.

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I saw him in concert a few years ago. He puts on a great show. Nothing over the top or “showy.” He sings, he talks, he reminisces, and he dances which is pretty amazing considering his age. When I was a teen, his music was very popular. He has so many hits.

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I grew up on AM radio and Barry. He is Julliard trained, started writing jingles for TV commercials (mcDonalds) and Broadway showtunes. Then wrote for Ed Sullivan show. Barry made his mark early writing music to sell stuff which meant learning what strings to pull to get people to buy what he was selling and kept up that formula when he began his solo career. He was and is genius as a composer who also knows how to get in your skull with the right melody and lyrics and has been a fantastic career for him. I lost interest in him in the mid 70’s when I discovered Aerosmith and Ted Nugent.

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I had his live album back in 75. By the way, on that speed it sounds funny.
I loved all the songs, but this was my favourite.

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I thought the big nosed fucker disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle years ago.
There’s a film with Goldie Hawn & Chevy Chase, can’t remember the title, but Manilow sings the theme song…Take A Chance Again or something similar,
I quite liked that.

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I fell in love with his music as a kid in the mid 70s. Saw him in concert in the mid 80s. He’s a great singer and performer. I only listen to him once in awhile now though.

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When I saw his concert, it really illustrated how every single one of his songs was like the epitome of 70’s pop when I was growing up. Not necessarily songs I was enamored with, but songs that were good, solid catchy tunes, real pop hits.

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To my unsophisticated ear, he is good at creating catchy tunes, like Neil Diamond and Billy Joel.

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