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What is your Christmas tree topper?

Asked by josie (30840points) December 6th, 2019

Is it a star, an angel, Santa Claus, Jesus?

Does it light up?
If you don’t have a tree but wish you did, what would it be?

If it’s all the same to you, please don’t bother to let me know you think it’s all bullshit or you don’t celebrate Christmas or the like. Not talking to you.

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A golden star that lights up like a shiny gold thing.

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I have a light up star as well!

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Well there you go bud, two peas in a pod :D

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Big star nowadays. The poor tattered angel died of old age.

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A santa head with a big bushy beard. No lights, I love it.

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We have a tree-topper spire ornament. Bought it when I moved out after my marriage ended. This is the 15th year I will have used it.

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It’s a small star that lights up and guides the tree back in the bag that I cannot find every year.

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At least you put up the tree!

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You did put up the tree didn’t you?

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@josie I knew it!! Lol!
Not yet.
I will look for the tree and post a picture when I set it up. I need to find my macro lens to do it though.
remember, it is but a small tree

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A sort of inverted teardrop shape in crystal. It was a gift from a friend and it replaced the previous one that was a needlepoint Santa that my mother made.

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