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If you had one, when are you taking down your Xmas tree this year?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37455points) December 26th, 2021

I just took mine down. I had a lousy December. I was down in the dumps until Xmas Eve. I didn’t want to look at the tree anymore. I feel better.

What about you?

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I aim loosely for New Year’s Day, but my absolute deadline is January 6th, “Old Christmas.”

My tree never goes up more than two weeks ahead, so it’ll last a while.

I’m so sorry you had an unhappy December. Sometimes all the lights and cheer can lift your spirits, and sometimes they just make things feel worse because you are out of sorts and they rub it in. Here’s to a better 2022.

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I usually keep it up until my birthday on January 4.

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Mine will probably stay up until 6 January.

Hope you have a better January @Hawaii_Jake and a great 2022.

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Mine stays up all year. I switch out the colored lights for white, and take off most of the decorations, it brightens up my gloomy living room.

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Next weekend. I love the lowlights.

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The tree and all decorations come down January 1st. That’s the way it’s always been done in my family. This year we got our tree fairly early (December 3rd) but it’s held up well and still looks and smells good despite being up longer than usual.

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We had a really hard time getting started this year. My younger son finally took charge and got out everything I’ve ever used or put up for Christmas, turning my simple, modest, and rather sad plan into a major operation of red and green and candles and shiny things. He led the charge all the way, right over the top, and amazingly, it put me in the mood, along with a lot of music from KDFC and some old cassette tapes.

The tree was and still is the centerpiece.

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We have a year round Norfolk Pine we put on decorations.

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Always take ours down on New Years Day. Goes up on the first weekend in December. So one more week to enjoy it anyway.

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There is a Chinese tradition to take down Christmas decorations ( all) on New Years Eve in order to welcome new luck by starting anew for New Years Day.

I will take all Christmas decorations down( on my door, bookshelf and table/window) Dec 31, 2021.

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I leave my tree up all year, but I take the Christmas decorations off after a couple of weeks.

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I usually promise to remove the wreath from my door by April 1st. I don’t always make it. This used to bug my husband.

One year I left two large Halloween pumpkins on my front porch and never got around to removing them. When Christmas came, I stuck big red and green bows on them and let them stay. My younger son, who gets a little exasperated with me about things like that, grumbled but left them alone.

However, I had also stationed an artificial Raven (in honor of a great American poet whom I’ve admired since i was a little girl) on a perch near my front door. When I hung a tiny red stocking next to it and then, on Christmas Eve, put tiny presents in it, that was too much for him.

I don’t think it was the tiny candy cane sticking out the top that got him. I think it was the tiny toy car inside.

He dismantled the whole setup, binned the pumpkins, and stowed the Raven on a shelf in the basement.

So much for poetry.

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Yesterday. (Dec 27)

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The first trash day after New Years Day.

Hope your New Years is better than your Christmas, HJ. Hope mine is too!

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I have a dirt floor in my living room and a hole in my roof over the part where the tree grows. :p

So the only thing that will take down my tree is old age or bark beetles. ;)

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Normally it comes down the first week of January. This year early, because I ordered a new artificial tree arriving soon and want to set it up to see if I want to keep it.

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