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What kind of trouble did you get into when you were a kid?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (32311points) 1 month ago

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Which time??? :-0

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I would go “missing” for hours & hours, not getting home til after dark. This was before Internet or cell phones & so my mum must have been beside herself with worry.

I loved the adventure of just wandering off beyond the usual boundaries close to home & seeing what lay over the horizon, the independence was invigorating.

I wasn’t very young mind, this was between the ages of 8/12 so nothing too alarming, but I did get severely reprimanded…worth it though.

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0 Convictions so far.

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Not cleaning my room. By the time I was 15 I started keeping my room very clean though. The trouble was when I was very young, and it was very rare I got in trouble for anything. Overall, I was a “good” kid. If I treated someone else badly my parents were sure to put a stop to it right away with either a verbal explanation of why, or a verbal scolding, depending on the specific circumstance. That didn’t happen often either. I had friends who were in trouble every other week, that was totally foreign to me.

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I had a telescope at 10 years and was exempt from curfew. I was never grounded.

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LOL. I was always in trouble, sometimes I actually did what I was accused of.

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I was also a good kid and I kept any curfew they gave to me. My sense of timing was so good I could drive from my boyfriend’s house across town and be home promptly at 11. My folks once asked me if I just sat around the corner and waited until the clock said I have 15 seconds. :D

The only “trouble” I got into was physical trouble. I was a bit of a daredevil.

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Generally a well-behaved kid.
But did get in trouble for my “great ideas”.

One time I thought it would be a great idea to tie a skateboard to a bike. That didn’t end well.

Once when the city cut back the trees on the street, I thought it would be a great idea to make giant slingshots. That didn’t end well either.

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@raum-What did you use for the strap on the slingshot asking for a friend

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Wide rubber bands from produce.
You can loop them together. :)

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@raum -Approximately how wide? again, asking for a friend

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My son talked my Mom into letting him buy a weapon’s grade sling shot from Walmart, in the hunting department. You had to be 18 to buy it, that’s why Mom had to buy it for him. She just was never the sharpest tool in the shed, even before the Alzheimer. She bought it for him. He had the sense to hide it from me, the shit.
Knock on the door. There was Chris with his best buddy Chad, and Chad’s dad on my porch. They had climbed up in a tree and were shooting rocks with it. One rock broke the back windshield of a car.
I get sick thinking of what could have happened if they’d hit a person.
I called my Mom to tell her about it. I told her I had to take the money he’d been saving for a year to pay for his half of the windshield. I was hoping she would offer to pay for it since it was her fault for buying the Goddamned thing.
All she said was “Gee. That’s too bad.”
I stressed that someone could have been killed.
She just said she was glad no one was hurt.

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From a kid perspective, it was the same scale as a medieval catapult.

As an adult, I’m guessing it was about two feet wide.

The funny thing is that I actually have a branch on my porch that I’ve been meaning to make into a slingshot. Apparently getting into trouble for it as a kid is wasn’t much of a deterrent. :P

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