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Is it ok that presidential candidates are entering the race at this late date?

Asked by JLeslie (65472points) December 10th, 2019 from iPhone

This is about the race in the United States.

Some people take issue with candidates like Bloomberg entering the race now, after there has already been a few debates, and some candidates have already dropped out.

Is it ok to enter now? Is it unfair in some way?

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Apparently these people fear the current crop of politicians can not win the race, so they feel they need to take over. I don’t feel like it’s unfair. Maybe they watched the debates and drew from the debates that no one is really a stand out.

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Okay with me. Why would it be unfair? @JLeslie

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Bobby Kennedy did not enter the 1968 race until mid March, after the New Hampshire primary, but before LBJ had dropped out. Despite his late entry, after winning California, he would most likely have won the nomination.

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Yes, It’s okay. What matters is that the best person win.

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Yes, why unfair?

The current crop of 10 (was 21) are a bunch of whiny losers with no national presence or track record.

Obviously Bloomberg things he is viable. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to run? The so-called top-10 don’t have a chance.

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If you speaking of the Democrats, they better come up with somebody, any time. Right now, they are probably going to lose.

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“Coming in late” per se doesn’t bother me, but the fact that so much of this depends on campaign financing does.

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@Tropical_Willie I’ve heard other people it’s not fair. As far as I know he’s playing by the current rules, so I myself don’t think unfair is a fair characterization.

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The rules say that they have set up gives all candidates to the first party primary to get into the race. Personally, I don’t care when they enter. I’ve NOT watched any of the Dems debates simply because there were too many of them to keep track of & I decided to let them duke it out & wait until we learned who the actual candidate is going to be. Once they announce their actual candidate, I will do my research to determine IF I can support that person. So, for me, it really doesn’t matter when they jump in…it’s when the party decides on WHO will represent them!!!

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It is “ok”.

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