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What remake of a song do you like better than the original?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (32388points) 1 month ago

I wonder if the original artist ever likes the remakes better?

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Nazareth’s remake I like much better than Joni Mitchell’s rendition.

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Although I enjoyed Blake‘s version, I LOVE Rose Short‘s version a thousand times better!!! Even Blake was bowing down to her.

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Judy Collins’ “Both Sides Now” is tons better than Joni Mitchell’s.

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While the original Bowie version of “Heroes” is great, I think Peter Gabriel’s Cover is a really cool interpretation. The Postmodern Jukebox has some really awesome covers as well.

While not as good as the original. I think the video of 2Cellos covering Thunderstruck just kicks so much ass. Rodrigo y Gabriella’s cover of Orion is sublime.

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@gorillapaws -PG’s version is a surprise.
Thanks for the Postmodern Jukebox link :) & yep I like 2Cellos’ rendition.

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“Hazy Shade of Winter” by The Bangles as opposed to Simon and Garfunkel.

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99 Red Balloons by Nena. The original was also by her but in German “99 Luftballons.”

Nobody wants to listen to music in German, not even Germans. It’s got a bizarre combination of intense guttural noises and dopey-like exaggerated vowel sounds. It’s like listening to Goofy do an impression of a Klingon.

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@gorillapaws- Lol! I can’t get through either version.

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Mad World – I liked Gary Jules version better than Tears for Fears, but both were good.

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@JLeslie Good one.

Some will argue Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt though part of me will always be partial to the original.

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@gorillapaws I’m probably the minority. But I like the sound of the German language. :)

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Luno’s version of Never Let Me Down Again is awesome.

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I’ll take LDR’s version over the original

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This crappy ipad refuses to send links!!
I prefer Marilyn Manson’s version of Tainted Love.
This drives my wife nuts as she loves the one done by Soft Cell.
When I say nuts, I mean stark staring mad! :D

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I refuse to listen to Johnny Cash sing “Hurt”. That is and always will be Trent’s song.

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Fogelberg’s remake of Rhythm of the Rain is marvelous. It just is!!

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Chris Cornell’s cover of Prince’s Nothing compares 2 U

Nirvana’s legendary cover of Ledbelly’s Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

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@gorillapaws -Both are nice but I like the original LB version.
I might like this remake better.

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@lucillelucillelucille the “this” remake better link goes nowhere. It gives me a You don’t have permission to edit that response. I wasn’t attempting to edit anything…just followed your link!!!

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I like Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm better than the Michael Jackson version.

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