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Do generals in the military still have to be in the same physical standard as 18 years old privates?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16197points) 2 months ago

Just wondering.

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Yes they have to keep their body to a standard that is different from non officers.

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They have to pass a PT test like everyone else. The older you get, the less strict the test but not by much. They can’t be overweight.

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There’s physical standards they must adhere to, but those standards are a little more relaxed than they are for the infantry.

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Farther nailed it. Depending on the branch, and a few other variables, they have to maintain certain standards. For instance, an Air Force soldier, has his “appropriate” BMI calculated, and gets their body measured, on different frequencies. If they have too big of a waste line, for their height, there are consequences.

Executive protection, has to keep a certain standard too. You have to be able to run a mile, in a certain time, and understand and perform, certain formations, like a “diamond formation.”
They have to continue hand, to hand combat training, and certifications, in different weapons.
For instance, if you want to be certified to carry mace, you have to be maces first, and complete a series of tasks, while the mace is unattended to. After you complete the tasks, they spray your eyes with a neutralizing chemical, and then you’re good to go.
Many ARMY infantry people, have to go through being gassed. Basically, they put you in a closed room, with a gas mask, and pop of a Gass grenade in there. Then, you have to take off your mask, and endure the gas for a certain amount of time. Then, they let you out, and help you recover.

I have not done the gas test, but had to do the mace test. It was miserable… I had to be maced, then do a few tasks, including handcuffing someone. Mace SUCKS. Your eyes feel like they’re melting, and you can’t breathe, sometimes people vomited too… I had a lot of trouble with it, I wear contact lenses, but had to do the test with glasses… I have no peripheral vision, with glasses.
I dry heaved, a LOT, but got it done. My eyes never hurt so bad, and the chemical they use, to neutralize the mace, doesn’t give instant relief…

It’s a smart strategy though. You don’t want people to be caught off guard, when using such things…

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I would add, that most higher ranking military people, are already in excellent condition. A drill sergeant, can usually outlast, and out run, a private.

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