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Stop what you're doing for a moment & find a mirror, what mark out of 10 do you rate your current appearance?

Asked by ucme (48778points) 1 month ago

Mirror mirror on the wall
Why’s he asking this at all
Be he pretty or be he nice
I may just slap him once or twice!

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@stanleybmanly Woot, check out the big balls on Mister Charisma!
Enjoy that did you :D

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See ya later gorgeous ;-}

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I just rated myself an eight & a half, but that’s only because I’m having a bad hair day.

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It’s in the eye of the beholder.
But since asked my personal opinion…

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Alive, check.
Awake, check.
Standing, check.
Eyes open, check.
Dressed, check
Yep, 10.

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7. Fat stomach but everything else is ok.
Not Dressed. X

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The mirror broke. Now I have to clean up this darn glass

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I have lots of scars. But, when I was a bouncer, I had women all over me. I would guess that I’m a 7. But, I have no idea. I am never going to claim that I understand the female brain…

I have been groped, and worse, by hundreds of females. When I look in the mirror, I don’t see the attraction. But, it’s there… I don’t know, would be an appropriate answer. Rich women love me. But I don’t understand why…

I’m in good physical shape, but the way girls acted, to me, in high school, I have no idea. I guess I would hypothesize, it depends on the woman…
Some like a roughed up, strong guy…
I consider myself an expert on reading people. But… I’m confused by females…
Some, make me feel like a 10, others, make me feel like a 2…

Difficult to get an accurate assessment, off of observation…

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^what is seen in a mirror is only one rating, a portion of the total package. A mirror rating of ten could still be a four if they are an arse, and vice versa if there is something wonderful about them.

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Okay, so nothing about this is in the “eye of the beholder” or any of that crap lol
As it states in the question, it asks how your ”current” appearance checks out!

Could be different to how you look in general, maybe you were tired or looking a wreck as you were in the middle of exerting yourself or having a bad hair day.
Throw those variables in & you see the point…good for you!

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Yeah, well. Most of us have a “type,” of person we like. So. Yes. There is an eye of the beholder factor. But self evaluation, is different, from evaluation of others.
I have no attractions, to males. And sure as hell don’t know what a female is thinking. So. It’s hard to judge, my “rating.”

I know that Brad Pitt, and Leonardo Dicaprio, and so on, are considered attractive. I look nothing like them…But can’t judge, what makes a man attractive.
I know that I attract crazy girls, and that I’m attracted to them. If I fall for a girl, at first sight, she’s probably nuts.
I’ve attracted females, who were in abusive relationships, and wanted to use me to scare off their ex. I learned that the hard way…
It’s a difficult question.

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