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Whats the first line of code that you ever wrote?

Asked by mirza (5057points) September 11th, 2007

mine was “me.close” in visual basics

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10 ?“HELLO”
20 GOTO 10

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Something in Applesoft BASIC.

20 GOTO 10

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first line of code ever ” <html> ”
first line of a real language ” cout<<“Hello, World!”<<endl;

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Something like the others:

10 ECHO “Hello”
10 GOTO 10

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first line would have been something like

#include print.lib;

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Private Sub Form_Click()
End Sub

Visual Basic 6

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That was really newbie-ish.

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Something in the line of..
10 Begin
20 Print “Hello world”
30 End

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I really have no idea… :P

How come you guys all still remember?

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I think most of us know what our first language was and the first thing you learn in most languages is how to print something to the screen.

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Well, I would say because we are some serious nerds here.

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I don’t think there was even a screen that us peons could use; maybe there were screens at the compiling lab? Fortran of 1967 used a typewriter thing that punched cards and printed what was on the card on the top edge. We prayed as we walked across campus on a rainy or humid day that the cards didn’t absorb moisture, for if they did, they would not feed into the “monster” and no printout would result. I remember wrapping the cards in Saran wrap and aluminum foil to protect our 100 line programs. Ah, a dim memory…...

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Definitely <html> and some basic Pascal stuff I learned at school. But I never really finished that course :o)

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I really don’t remember, since I was 4 and it was a Commodore 64.

Probably something like

10 PRINT “News from my house”

along with updates on the health and well being of my various stuffed animals, and some complaints about how it’s raining so I can’t go swing.

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On my TI/99–4A (which booted instantly into BASIC when you turned it on), I first wrote (probably):

print "Hello"

My first line of JavaScript (the language that has most fueled my career), my first line (of non-cut-and-paste code) was (again, probably):


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html code count?? lol I don’t actually remember anyway

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1 FORMAT (I, I3)
(1969 Fortran on the IBM 360/50)

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