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Has anything amusing happened today?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) December 21st, 2019

My husband told me that the veterinarian kissed my dog goodbye this morning. He just went in for his rabies shot and is fine. :)
Stranger things have happened, just not today.

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But yesterday 6 year old Zoey had a splinter. I sent her upstairs to ask Grandpa to get it out.
She came back down right away and said, “He’s tryin’ ta stab me with a needle!! No way!”

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I stumbled upon this clip

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Yes, I’ve heard of it happening before; but, it’s the first time that it has ever happened to me!!!

On Saturdays I help a friend with her booth at the local flea market. Normally, I stop in at a Bojangle’s to get a breakfast biscuit to hold me over until I can get back home to eat. Today the line was unusually long & (of course) I was running late so my patience was a tad bit thin. When the lady in front of me got to the window, she handed the cashier a note instead of cash. My brain immediately goes to thinking that she’s robbing the place, so I start memorizing her tag number, the make & model of her car, & anything else that the cops might ask. During all this she just kept talking to the cashier & I was growing even more impatient. Finally she drives off & I pull up to the window. The cashier looks at me & says The lady in front of you wanted me to give you this & he handed me a note that read May God bless you…Merry Christmas!!! Then he told me that she had paid for my order. So, in the tradition of Christmas, I handed him the note back, paid for the car behind me & told him to keep the thought going as long as he could & then I wished him a very Merry Christmas. I don’t know what happened once I drove off. I might have be the only one to pay it forward (or would that be backward) but I hope that several more people had a pleasant surprise this morning!!!

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Anything? What kind of a question is that? Are you worried this is a universal zero-amusement day?

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About to see Garrison Keillor Prairie Home Christmas live streamed on YouTube. That should be pretty amusing!

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@Zaku -It has not been a universal zero-amusement day for I have already been amused. :)

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Nothing. I even had Santa at work tonight and nothing amusing happened. I’m so disappointed.

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