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Are indoor driving ranges a thing of the past?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) December 22nd, 2019

There are none around my neck of the woods, yet there are plenty of golf courses.

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Most golf courses have a driving range adjacent, so why go indoors? An indoor range is a poor approximation of being outside and seeing how well one actually drive the ball.

Plus, they are expensive per square foot.

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I don’t think so. In fact in a high tech way they are increasing in number
Around here, there are places popping up where you hit off a mat into a screen, and Trackman analyses the shot, from club speed, to ball spin, nearly everything thing about the mechanics about the shot. It is pretty cool. It may provide some hope that my game will improve.


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@zenvelo -The courses around here don’t have adjacent driving ranges.
They’d be called tees if anything.:)

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@josie -I saw those years ago, although I am sure they’ve improved since then.
A friend did have his swing analyzed with that and took a few lessons. He did say it improved things.
My game is not the same as it once was or I’d take him out on the course and make him cry again. LOL! :)
My husband calls the scorecard the proper analyzer. XD

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Not totally indoors. There are a couple near my where the golfer is on a multi-story porch, more or less shaded from the elements. But the ball goes outside into nature.

Like the one shown here on the lower right,

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@elbanditoroso -That looks nice! I used to go to an indoor dome.

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I used to golf. Almost made a hole in one once.

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I might think so since golf courses were found to have high cancerous chemicals on the grass.
David Suzuki “The Nature of Things” show documented this.

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Well, people aren’t going to quit golfing, and I’ve never even seen an indoor driving range. I think they’ll be OK as long as they don’t eat the grass.

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@Inspired_2write The indoor driving ranges I have practiced at did not have real grass so no chems there but I can definitely see golf courses using all kinds of chems on the grass.

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@lucillelucillelucille I was talking about the outdoor golf courses that some having these chemicals and thus the indoor fake ones will prevail.

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@Inspired_2write – Oh, I just don’t see them anymore.
As for the chems, even the household Round Up type weed killers can wreak havoc.
My brother has Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma directly related to his use of that product and he was just using it around his yard.
Bad,bad stuff.

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Any good golf course is going to be treated with fertalizer and insecticides, just like any manicured lawn is. The fake, plastic AstroTurf doesn’t hold a candle to real grass.

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