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Do you think that curtains were invented, not to prevent people outside looking in, but so you do not have to stare into the black abyss at night from inside?

Asked by ragingloli (52063points) December 22nd, 2019

Imagine a demon suddenly pressing its visage against the glass.

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Gee, I just figured they were there to keep the cold out.

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I agree ^^^, to keep out the cold (or heat)

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If its darker outside, you see a reflection of the lighted room. What I do like, though, are dark mirrors that have weird images when the room is dark.

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If you feel a little drawn, pull yourself together!

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To keep people from seeing in and to keep the cold out. That’s why I use them anyway. Oh, and also to keep the glare from the sun from hitting the TV, but I guess we didn’t have TV when curtains were invented.

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Curtains to keep the cold out is like using a zip-lock bag as a condom.

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@johnpowell Better than nothing. Heavy curtains drawn closed do help.

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When I lived with my parents and they kept the house too hot on a winters’ night, I’d open the windows wide and just pull a windowshade down. It kept the room decently cool and airy but not cold.

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