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Do spammers accidentally call toll numbers?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19435points) December 25th, 2019

Do they get charged for calling them with auto-dialers ? The toll chargers aren’t all 1–900 anymore.

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Unless they have changed, the auto-dialers won’t call any of the 00 numbers like the 1–900, 1–800, 1–600 or even the same 3 digits like 1–666, 1–888, 1–555 etc

When you schedule them to dial, you program in the area code plus the 3 digit prefix and then it dials every combination possible for that area code and prefix. The programmer chooses the first 6 digits and the system dials all the last 4 digits possible in sequence

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There is legislation proposed to put a stop on these scammers and regulate the 800/877/ etc
numbers that scammers and marketers use free.

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I hope they do call for-a-fee numbers, and I hope it puts the spammers out of business.

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