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Does it bother you when someone doesn't appreciate a gift you got them?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21178points) December 25th, 2019

Say you put a lot of thought and expense into it, you thought they would just go crazy when they got it, and the exact opposite happened, they give you half a smile and say that’s nice.

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I’ve gotten less than a that’s nice.
Of course it hurts.

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Why would it bother me??? I just learned today that it’s MY fault for NOT knowing what every person I know either wants or needs!!! I used to hand make all my gifts…that is until I realized that they weren’t that appreciated. Then I tried getting hints of what the person either wanted or needed…until it was requested that I needed to buy them an iPhone or nothing. Now they are on my “nothing” list!!!

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Depends on how much investment I had in selecting it.

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Perhaps tell them to return it to you . Next ime if there is a next time give them a gift card instead or nothing.

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I’ve known a handful of people who were rude enough to indicate that they didn’t appreciate the gift I gave them. I didn’t feel bad. I did my best.
BTW One such child was one of my grandsons. He said the gift I got him for his 7th birthday was “stupid.”
He was alone with me and Rick in the car, and I took his head off and put it back on straight! He NEVER did that again! Pfffttt.
His birthday was not long before Christmas. I got him a Spirioscope. He went out of his way to thank me!

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I have a friend who does the opposite and I find it just as insulting. Just as soon as the paper comes off, she starts gushing over how it’s the perfect gift. Often you can tell that she hasn’t looked to see what the gift is. In my opinion, a false “OMG I love it” is about as insulting as an “almost thank you”. She’s difficult to buy for, so I started giving her gift cards. She slipped up one day (about 3 years later) and let me know that she had never cashed in the last gift card I’d given her. She brags about how much money she spends at that particular store and then is too lazy to take a gift card for the store with her when she shops there. It’s pretty bad when you don’t want or need cash

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I tend to be upset when they demand for more, I always tell them to keep in mind that it will always be the thought that matters.

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And there is that @SEKA. My Dad’s wife bought us a clear plastic boiled egg container. I thanked her and said that when I boil eggs just to leave in the fridge for a “snack” they usually get overlooked. That container will be obviously holding ready-to-eat-eggs to anyone looking in the fridge for food.

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Not much to be noticed, ill just give it a lil more thought of who I give what too.

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It bothers me if someone doesn’t acknowledge the gift, but they don’t have to do backflips for me unless I spend a lot of money. Even then, I really only am looking for a thank you. If I spend a lot it is in the form of writing a check or buying something on a registry or something that I know the person wants.

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I am a emotionless person. I would bet that 100 bucks that you couldn’t tell the difference between my face when I orgasm, or nap.

Today was Christmas and I got no presents. I woke up at 2PM and it was beautiful. No fakery. Just sleeping in with my cat. The way god intended. I also didn’t get anyone presents. I think everyone just knows that I my c-mas ship sailed.

My mom is intent on getting me something. The only thing I really want is a miter lock bit for my router.

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A little, but it doesn’t happen often. My teenage daughter provides us with a detailed list of what she’d like for Christmas, so it’s pretty hard to mess that up.

For my wife, I keep a running list on my phone of stuff she mentions she likes throughout the year, so I’m usually on target there.

My aunt and cousins and such we generally do okay. Plus, we give them their gifts after dinner, pre-dessert, while I’m running around making espressos and cappuccinos for everyone, so I wouldn’t really notice if they looked disappointed.

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I wouldn’t love it but there isn’t anything I can do about it.

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It doesn’t bother me, at all, if someone doesn’t like or need the item itself. Taste is highly personal and subjective, so what I choose as a perfect gift might not suit the recipient. I’d rather have someone return the gift and get something that’ll be used and enjoyed.

It does bother me if someone doesn’t appreciate the gesture, that I tried to be kind and went through all that effort and expense.

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I may feel a little disappointed but you must understand the receiver not liking your gift is perfectly fine. We like what we like and don’t really have to apologize for it. When I send gifts to family and they never even acknowledge it, I don’t think that is right. My children were taught to always say thank you because you should appreciate a gift whether you like the gift or not. Those are very different things. Manners will always matter. When I correct my grandkids on matters of manners and they seem to have never been taught that point before, I get a little angry….not at the children (whom I have now educated) but at their parents. Yes, I mention it out of the earshot of the kids.

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