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IPhone secrets?

Asked by PIXEL (1233points) September 24th, 2008

Anyone know any. Did you know if you pinch the earphone button 3 times it will change to the previous song. Also tapping the top bar sends you straight to the top of the page. Anyone know any more?

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I wouldn’t call those secrets, they were clearly announced in the 2.0 firmware update.

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If you submerge it for 10 seconds in a ph neutral substance it turns into a pretty cool mini scooter.

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Some games have cheats built in. This one uses the accelerometer to enter cheats!

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you beat me to it!

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They made videos flip over depending on which way you hold it in 2.0, prior to that you had to watch video with the device rotated to the left.

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a pretty obvious one a lot of customers don’t know is just double tapping the home button for the sound menu :)

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The ssh username and password is (was?) root and dottie (respectively) or root and Alpine (again respectively) or Mobile and Dottie (again, again respectively). Now that’s some serious nerdage power there!

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@ aanszek1 haha

Also, if you hold down the “home” button and click the “lock/unlock” button, it will flash white and take a screenshot, saved into the photo app

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Anthony, that is genius!

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The screenshot feature has been in it since 1.1.3 I think but 1.1.4 for sure.

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(I only just got one…)

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Instead of increasing my battery life, the new update kills my iPhone within an hour of games or watching movies
Like WTF?

I just thought that was weird sorry to deter from the topic

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@glitter, I don’t know why with the movies but when you’re playing a game it uses a lot of battery with it constantly having to process information, and having to keep an open connection with the phone service and wifi if you’re by one. And in most games it uses the accelerometer as a mean of controlling the character or something in the game, not to mention the graphics it have to produce. Now I think I’m being to protective with this but I do agree that in the next iPhone they need to create an even longer battery life.

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I agree, it should last about 5 hours of more

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@glitterrrrfish Hmm the new update made my battery last longer. Wait what update are you talkig about?

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i cant find 2.1 software…. it isnt showing up as an update on itunes.. anyone know why? i know its off topic but just wondering..

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mayb you already have it

And for some kool iPhone magic tricks go to

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haha i dont have it because i cant get/update any apps. it gives me a message saying i need 2.1

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If you’re in the calculator, and you rotate your iphone to the left or right, it becomes a scientific calculator!!

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@anthony81212: that’s cool as shit!!

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