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Has any one seen "The Mule"?

Asked by NoMoreY_Aagain (1325points) December 29th, 2019

The most recent or next to most recent Eastwood film? Is it out on DVD yet?

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No, and I probably will not. When I saw this question I immediately thought of another film, “Maria Full of Grace.” Oh my goodness, what a film!!!!!

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Never heard of that one but it looks like it might be interesting. Thanks for the link

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I saw it. Thought it was very good.

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We loved it, too. He’s still a badass old guy, its a bit like El Camino.

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I saw it, I would give it four stars out of five. A good movie, and some good cinematography. The storyline got to be a bit too strung out for me.

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I haven’t seen it, but it is on Amazon Prime. It’s not free; however, it’s a good bit cheaper to rent from Redbox.

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Saw it at the cinema with my daughter back in the summer.
Loved it, Clint still got it going on.

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Yeah that’s on my must see list. Don’t known about the newest one though…

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I saw it. In fact, I’ve watched it twice. Loved it.

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I saw and enjoyed it.
Here’s a review by John Mulaney and Pete Davidson on SNL. They enjoyed it “two”. :-)

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